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Jinghua YANG, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Surgical Oncology Laboratory

Clinic Proteomics Facilities

Boston VA Medical Center

Boston University School of Medicine


670 Albany St. Pathology 404 

Boston, MA 02118

Tel: (617) 414-7075   



150 S. Huntington Ave. 1A-320

Boston, MA 02130 

Tel: (857) 364-5611

Fax: (857)364-5627 




Current/former laboratory members:

Bingguan Chen (Lab Manager); John Cao


Zhou FEI, Visiting Scholar


Yong Liu, Postdoc


Yongzhan Nie, Yingjun Su, Fanmin Zhang, Haili Su


Dexin Zhang, Xiaoxing Luo, Meihong Chen, Koroush Kabir, Qingchuan Zhao, Jinghua Yang



Research project 1   


dsRNA & dsRNA-binding Proteins

We are studying the biological function of dsRNA and dsRNA-binding proteins. These include the dsRNA editing enzyme ADAR1, ADAR2 and ADAR3.    ADAR1 is ubiquitously expressed particularly in immune organs; ADAR2 is found in all tissues but dominant in neuronal system; and ADAR3 is exclusively in the brain.  Currently our interest is focused on the function of ADAR1 in viral infection/stress, and ADAR2 in traumatic stress.


Research project 2


Clinic Proteomics


Our laboratory is pleased to provide facilities to investigators of Boston University Medical Campus and Boston VA Medical Center in clinic application of proteomics with expert, accurate, and collaborative interactions.  These include i) Fluorescence-assistant Autoimmune Display (FaAD) to identify autoimmune responses against tumors, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, ii)  Differential Gel Electrophoresis (DiGE) to identify differentially expressed proteins in blood/tissue samples, iii) Fluorescence-assistant Multi-dimensional HPLC (FaMD-HPLC) to differentially profile protein expression in patient biopsies, iv) LC-MALDI-TOF and nanoLC-Q-TOF (LC-MS/MS) for protein identification, protein profiling, and marker discovery, and v) Liquid protein array (xMAP from Luminex) to validate protein markers in patients.



  Research project 3


  Tumor Immunology

Another focus of our laboratory is to identify the tumor specific complement activator (tsCA).  This factor is found to activate human complement to kill different tumor cells in vitro.
















Jinghua on Tom’s birthday



The RNA group on Tom Maniatis’ 60th birthday


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