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Portrait of Byron

6 Images of Byron

Ianthe ("To Ianthe"--poem prefixed to Cantos I & II of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 1812)

The Albanian (Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto II, 1812)

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice (Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto IV, 1818)

"One fair spirit for my minister" (Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto IV, 1818)

Leila (The Giaour, 1813)

Zuleika and Giaffir (The Bride of Abydos 1813)

Zuleika (The Bride of Abydos, 1813)

Medora watching the return of Conrad (The Corsair, 1814)

Meeting of Conrad and Medora (The Corsair, 1814)

Conrad (The Corsair, 1814)

Gulnare (The Corsair, 1814)

Medora's Deathbed (The Corsair, 1814)

Gulnare and Seyd (The Corsair, 1814)

Kaled (Lara, 1814)

Alp and the Ghost of Francesca (The Siege of Corinth, 1816)

Parisina and Hugo (Parisina, 1816)

Manfred and the Witch of the Alps (Manfred, 1817)

Manfred and Astarte (Manfred, 1817)

Astarte (Manfred, 1817)

Laura (Beppo, 1818)

Mazeppa 2 (Mazeppa)

Mazeppa (Mazeppa)

Beppo (Beppo, 1818)

Angiolina (Marino Faliero, 1820)

Juan and Haidee (Don Juan Canto II, 1820)

Francis Foscari (The Two Foscari, 1821)

The Flood (Heaven and Earth, 1823)

Byron at the Palazzo Mocenigo

From the first edition of Sardanapalus, The Two Foscari, and Cain (1821):


Francis and Jacopo Foscari

Francis Foscari descending the Giant's Stairway