Some sayings that might help you when things are not so good: MY Holistic View of the World): Has nothing to do with Information Systems at all -
Just trying to "Keep it Real"

Interesting Quotes:


** "SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS"** - That's MY Quote - The others I can't take credit for.

**  "It's NOT Nice to be Important, but it surely is Important to be NICE" **

** "Free the Mind, the A**, will Follow"** 

** "What is Correct is NOT always Popular and what is Popular is NOT always Correct"**

** "Change is the only thing that will endure" - "Anticipate Change - Get Ready for the Cheese to Move"

** "You don't make history by following the rules, you make history by seizing the moment".

** "Your thoughts CREATE your destiny"

** "If you know the end, then you will feel comfortable with the beginning and the journey to take place"

** "Within each one of YOU lives a SuperHero who is swift, strong and rescues those in need of them, YOU prefer, however, not to wear a cape"

** "In the abundance of water, it is the fool who is thirsty"

** "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a 'gift', which is why it is called 'THE PRESENT'."

** "We have always known that you could "fly", and we believe that you can "fly" higher and faster than was once believed, the real question becomes .... Where do you hide those wings of yours"

** "Like others before you, you have the gift of sight, but the truth changes color depending on the light, and tommorow can be clearer than yesterday.

** Memory is the selection of images, some elusive, others printed indelibly on the brain, each image is like a thread, each thread woven together to make a Tapestry of intricate texture, and the Tapestry tells a story, and the story is our past.