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The Society, Politics & Culture Workshop
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The Society, Politics & Culture Workshop (SPC) at Boston University, sponsored by the BU Department of Sociology, is a forum for social theory and research on the nexus of social forms, power relations, and meaning-making.
The SPC Workshop holds various events throughout the year. Its regular event is the recurring work-in-progress lab devoted to intensive analysis and constructive discussion of work by a visiting scholar or a scholar from within Boston University. Participants are expected to have read the paper in advance. All are welcome. SPC also occasionally sponsors or co-sponsors lectures, book events, and other activities to promote the critical understanding of social forms, power relations, and meaning making.
upcoming spc events:
Some Little Known Mutinies Around 1946”
An SPC LECTURE by Leela Gandhi
(English, Univ of Chicago)
co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Asia April 3, 2014,   5 pm CAS 222
“Trojan Horses in Linked Ecologies: Economists and Lawyers in U.S. Antitrust Policy, 1960-1983
Work-in-Progress Lab
Elizabeth Popp Berman
(Sociology, SUNY at Albany)
Rm. 252 Sociology Department
upcoming related events: