Claire Decocteaus paper “Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice” (volume 24, special volume on Postcolonial Sociologies) received the Jr. Theory Award for Best Paper from the Theory Section of the American Sociological Association. Congratulations!
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“Political Power and Social Theory is an essential outlet for combining cutting-edge theory, historical depth, and astute adventurous analyses of politics and power
           -Julia Adams, Yale University
past volume highlights
Special volumes on Fields of Knowledge: Science, Politics and Publics in the Neoliberal Age, edited by Hess & Frickel (v. 27), The US in Decline, edited by Richard Lachmann (v. 26) and on Postcolonial Sociology, ed. by Go (volume 25).
In other volumes: Fred Block wonders whether “capitalism” is the right word, with critical responses from Wolfgang Streeck, Ho-Fung Hung, and Nina Bandelj (volume 24). Phil Gorski on Obama’s “Civil Religion” (v. 22). Saskia Sassen on denationalized citizenship (v. 20). Cedric de Leon’s award-winning article on what Barrington Moore never knew but should have (v. 19). Frank Dobbin & Dirk Zorn on Corporate Malfeasance, with responses from Richard Swedberg, Elisabeth Clemens, Mark Mizruchi & Howard Kimeldorf, and Neil Fligstein (volume 17). Click here for full contents.
coming soon
A special volume on “Chartering Capitalism: Organizing Markets, States, and Publics” edited by Emily Erikson, focusing upon chartered companies from the East India Company  and beyond.
current volume
A special volume on the “Patrimonial Capitalism & Empire” (vol. 28) edited by Mournira Charrad & Julia Adams. See contents.