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Political Power and Social Theory has been at the leading edge of problem-oriented social science thinking, attracting prominent scholars from across the disciplines to contribute informed, provocative, and timely essays on politically important topics. For quality and breadth and creativity, there is no other forum that can touch it.”
 -Frank Dobbin
Harvard University
Political Power and Social Theory is an essential outlet for combining cutting-edge theory, historical depth, and astute adventurous analyses of politics and power”
           -Julia Adams, Yale University
current volume (v. 26)
A special volume on “Decentering Theory” containing a book forum on R.W. Connell’s Southern Theory with Patricia Hill Collins, Isaac Reed, Mustafa Emirbayer, Raka Ray and more.  
coming soon
A special volume on United States decline guest edited by Richard Lachmann.
Rachel Meyer’s paper “Transforming Citizenship: The Subjective Consequences of Local Political Mobilization” (PPST volume 23) has won Honorable Mention from the American Sociological Association Section on Labor and Labor Movements for their Distinguished Scholarly Article Award. Congratulations! For a limited time you can access a PDF version of this article.
past highlights
A special volume on Postcolonial Sociology with contributions from Steven Seidman, Manuela Boatca, Zine Magubane, Gregor McLennan, Manu Goswami, Oliver Kozlarek, José Bortoluci and Robert Jansen, Jeffrey Guhin and Jonathan Wyrtzen, Claire Laurier Decoteau, and Gurminder K. Bhambra (v. 25). Fred Block wonders whether “capitalism” is the right word, with critical responses from Wolfgang Streeck, Ho-Fung Hung, and Nina Bandelj (volume 24). Phil Gorski on Obama’s “Civil Religion” (v. 22). Saskia Sassen on denationalized citizenship (v. 20). Cedric de Leon’s award-winning article on what Barrington Moore never knew but should have (v. 19). Frank Dobbin & Dirk Zorn on Corporate Malfeasance, with responses from Richard Swedberg, Elisabeth Clemens, Mark Mizruchi & Howard Kimeldorf, and Neil Fligstein (v. 17)
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