Political Power and Social Theory is a biannual journal published by Emerald Press. Housed at the Department of Sociology at Boston University under the editorship of Julian Go, it is committed to advancing our interdisciplinary, critical understanding of the linkages between social relations, political power, and historical development.
By publishing manuscripts based on original research that challenge conventional theoretical assumptions, the series opens a space of inquiry and debate that crosses disciplinary and geographic boundaries and appeals to a broad range of social scientists as well as area specialists. This permanent forum for ideas not only fills the gap between quarterly publications and monographs, but also reveals the passionate engagement of scholars today with the social transformations in the world around them. The series welcomes both empirical and theoretical work and is willing to consider papers of substantial length.
Political Power and Social Theory is proud to have published several award-winning articles and contributions from a range of award-winning and distinguished scholars such as Janet Abu-Lughod, Julia Adams, Edna Bonacich, Craig Calhoun, Elisabeth Clemens, Uday Mehta, Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Frank Dobbin, Neil Fligstein, Mahmood Mamdani, Ann Shola Orloff, George Steinmetz, Charles Tilly, and Loic Wacquant. Political Power and Social Theory also includes a Scholarly Controversies section that has featured the work of Alejandro Portes, Edna Bonacich, Richard Sennett, Fred Block, Ann Laura Stoler, Saskia Sassen and Peter Evans.
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