Catherine Caldwell-Harris

Hi. I've been teaching at BU since 1991, after receiving my Ph.D. from UC San Diego in Cognitive Science and Psychology. You can browse my faculty webpage for more interests or stop by my office to talk. I am in PSY Room 123.


Hui-Wen Cheng

This is my third year in the Applied Linguistics program. I received my master's in Linguistics from National Chengchi University of Taiwan. I am interested in compound words, polysemy, and bilingualism.


Jimmy Tong

I received my B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Science from UC Irvine, and this is my third year in the Brain, Behavior, & Cognition program. My research interests include bilingualism, language acquisition, affective processing, autism, and virtual environments. Please see our lab blog for a description of my dissertation project on using video games for foreign language learning.

Henry Bley-Vroman

I recieved my B.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science with a focus in Psychology from Pomona College. My research interests include psychopathology (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in particular), addiction, ion transport in the brain, embodied cognition, and simulation semantics.


Kristina Dahlen


Hello. I'm working on my dissertation in the Applied Linguistics Program. I'm interested in foreign language learning, inner speech, and the contribution of phonemic awareness to overall foreign language aptitude. I have a B.A. in French and Psychology, a master's in Education, and I work full-time as a French teacher. Please check out the link to the exciting study that I am doing with Professor Harris or email me if you'd like to get involved.


Contact Info

e-mail at bu.edu:


Prof. Catherine Caldwell-Harris: charris
Hui-Wen Cheng: hwcheng
Jimmy Tong: jtong
Henry Bley-Vroman: hbv
Kristina Dahlen: kdahlen

Research Assitants

Mara Anderson
Colpan Angun
Corinne Bart
Monique Bellefleur
May Cheung
Kaori Fujita
Haneen Haddad
Kelly Hartmann
Sayuri Hayakawa
Natalie Holman
Samuel Kim
Christy Lykken
Megan Peppard
Steve Ramirez
Brenda Ventura


Alumni (selected list — please email us with your current information so we can post it)

Ayse Aycicegi (now Associate Professor Istanbul University)
Alison Morris (now Assistant Professor Iowa State University)
Inna Ryfkin (in medical school in New York)
Winvy Lung
Sinlan Poo
Noreen Cipriano
Ebi Poweigha
Norma Sanchez
Ximena Valdez
Dalia Lopez
Carina Wind


Psychophysiological Consultant

Bruce L. Mehler <brucem@neumed.com>
Director Applications
NeuroDyne Medical Corp www.neumed.com
52 New Street
Cambridge, MA 02138