Juan Ortner 

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Boston University



Boston University

Department of Economics 
270 Bay State Road                                                                        
Boston, MA 02215


Email: jortner@bu.edu 


Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Political Economy

Research Statement: [PDF]



Working Papers

Data-Driven Regulation: Theory and Application to Missing Bids (joint with Sylvain Chassang, Kei Kawai and Jun Nakabayashi) [PDF], R&R Econometrica

Dynamic Contracting with Limited Liability Constraints (joint with Edoardo Grillo) [PDF]

Paths to the Frontier (joint with Avidit Acharya) [PDF]

Pooling and Tranching under Belief Disagreement (joint with Martin Schmalz) [PDF] 



Collusion in Auctions with Constrained Bids: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement (joint with Sylvain Chassang) [PDF] (supplement, repo), Journal of Political Economy, 2019 

A Continuous Time Model of Bilateral Bargaining [PDF]  Games and Economic Behavior, 2019

Making Corruption Harder: Asymmetric Information, Collusion and Crime (joint with Sylvain Chassang) [PDF] (supplement), Journal of Political Economy, 2018 

Progressive Learning (joint with Avidit Acharya) [PDF] (supplement), Econometrica, 2017  

A Theory of Political Gridlock [PDF], Theoretical Economics, 2017

Durable Goods Monopoly with Stochastic Costs [PDF], Theoretical Economics, 2017

Direct Implementation with Minimally Honest Individuals [PDF], Games and Economic Behavior, 2015

Delays and Partial Agreements in Multi-Issue Bargaining (joint with Avidit Acharya) [PDF], Journal of Economic Theory, 2013

            Older version with additional results [PDF]

Optimism, Delay and (In)Efficiency in a Stochastic Model of Bargaining [PDF], Games and Economic Behavior, 2013