Nitin R. Joglekar


Nitin Joglekar is Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management, and Deanís Research Fellow, at Boston University School of Management.

Professor Joglekarís interests span systems thinking, active learning, and shaping of uncertain decisions during distributed innovation and technology commercialization at established and entrepreneurial firms. Current research projects are focused on: (1) Decisions Making during Entrepreneurial & Growth Driven Operations; (2) Design Thinking and Analytics Tools for Product and Supply Chain Development; and (3) Industry Studies and Public Policy in a Variety of Technology Commercialization Contexts. His research has resulted in over 50 publications as journal and conference proceeding papers, book chapters and cases. He has been associated with several top echelon journals as an editor. Currently, he is a department editor at Production & Operations Management for industry studies and public policy. His book, The Innovation Butterfly (see an excerpt here) addresses management of innovation risks, allied analytics and leadership opportunities.


At Boston University, Professor Joglekar teaches courses related to these themes at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. He has won several awards, including the Broderick Award for Teaching Excellence and the General Electric Award for Team Learning. He was a visiting faculty member at the University of Texas in 2006 and a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management and University of Cambridge in 2013.


Prior to his academic career, Professor Joglekar worked in the IT and energy industries. He was a founder of a venture capital backed software firm. He advises entrepreneurial and established firms in their initiatives for achieving business growth and profitability by managing products, services and supply chain complexity.


Professor Joglekar holds bachelorís degree from Indian Institute of Technology, mastersí degrees in engineering from MIT and Memorial University (Canada), and doctoral degree in management science from the MIT Sloan School.



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