Nitin R. Joglekar


Nitin Joglekar is Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management, and Dean’s Research Fellow, at Boston University Questrom School of Business. His interests span development of digital and analytics driven products & supply chains at established and entrepreneurial organizations. Current projects (working papers are available in some instances):

I.  Product Management, Startup Ops & Technology Commercialization

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·         QD503 (on Digital product management with lean, agile and system design thinking (with Varun Nagraj)

·         Scrum of Scrums: Agile development under market instability and experimentation uncertainty (with Edward Anderson and Shi Ying Lim)

·         Integration and readiness of technologies during commercialization projects (with Steven Eppinger and Alison Olechowski)

·         Resource constrained supplier selection, pivoting and contract design (with Emre Guzelsu and Moren Lévesque)

·         Contracts for angel funding and knowhow (with Sinan Erzurumlu, Moren Lévesque and Fehmi Tanrisever)

·         Managing exploration and exploitation under disruption (with Leonardo Santiago)


II. Digital Health: Analytics & Design Thinking for Enhancing Personalized Care and Wellness

·         Strategies for digitization of clinical trials and supply networks in the pharmaceutical sector (with Tomas Harrington and Jag Srai)

·         Machine Learning: Activation of COPD patients with technology enabled continuity of care  (with Carrie Queenan and Kellas Cameron)

·         Personalized Medicine: Streaming stent patients based on genomic information (with Jugnu Jain from Sapien Biosciences , Nachi Sahoo and Kellas Cameron)

·         Service oriented  design of wearables: Sports, Geriatrics (with Fu-ren Lin)  


III. Industry Studies & Public Policy: Product - Supply Chain Configurations, Digitization & Regulatory Disruptions

·         Impact of regulatory variations on supply chain configurations (with Shardul Phadnis)

·         Reducing the cost of cleaning solar plants (with Malay Mazumder and Mark Horenstein)

·         Effect of surge pricing on service capacity and congestion at Uber (with Brad Lee, Christo Wilson, Le Chen and Shan Liang)  


Professor Joglekar is a department editor for Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (IEEE-TEM). He is also a department editor for industry studies and public policy at Production & Operations Management (POM). His research findings have appeared in ACM Journal of Information & Data Quality, AI-EDAM, EJOR, IEEE-TEM, Journal of Applied Probability, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Service Management, Managerial & Decision Economics, Management Science, POM, Research in Engineering Design, Service Science, and Systems Research & Behavioral Science. His book, The Innovation Butterfly (see an excerpt here), addresses management of innovation risks and allied analytics opportunities. At Boston University, he teaches courses related to these themes at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. He has won several awards, including the Broderick Award for Teaching Excellence and the General Electric Award for Team Learning. He has been a visiting faculty member at MIT Sloan School of Management and at University of Texas, and a visiting fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, and Copenhagen Business School.

Prior to his academic career, Professor Joglekar worked in the information technology and energy industries. He was a founder of a venture capital backed software firm. He advises entrepreneurial and established firms in their initiatives for achieving business growth and profitability. Professor Joglekar holds bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology, masters degrees in engineering from MIT and Memorial University (Canada), and doctoral degree in management science from the MIT Sloan School. 


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