Economic Theory, Decision Theory, Psychology and Economics, Experimental Economics



·  “Commitment and Self-Control”    

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·  “Non-Bayesian Updating: A Theoretical Framework”, with L. Epstein and A. Sandroni

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·  “Decreasing Impatience and the Magnitude Effect Jointly Contradict Exponential Discounting

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·  “Hyperbolic Discounting and the Standard Model: Eliciting Discount Functions

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·   “Uphill Self-Control”, with N. Takeoka

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·   “Non-Bayesian Learning”, with L. Epstein and A. Sandroni

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·   “Temptation and Revealed Preference

         Econometrica 79(2), Mar 2011, p601-644 (working paper [pdf], supplementary appendix [pdf])      

·    “Intertemporal Choice and the Magnitude Effect”    

            Games and Economic Behavior 72(1), May 2011, p255-270 (working paper [pdf])

·    Removed Preference 

            Journal of Economic Theory 148(4), July 2013, p1463-1486 (working paper [pdf])

   ·    “Menu-Dependent Self-Control”, with N. Takeoka    

            Journal of Mathematical Economics 61, Dec 2015, p1-20 (working paper [pdf])

   ·   “Commitments and Weak Resolve”, with Igor Kopylov

           Economic Theory 66(1), July 2018, p1-19 (working paper [pdf])




   ·  Temptation and Guilt     [pdf]    Revised 05/15

          (Joint with Linxia Ren)


   ·  Compensated Discount Functions: An Experiment     [pdf]    Revised 03/15

          (Joint with Attila Ambrus, Tinna Asgeirsdottir and Laszlo Sandor)

            (R&R at Games and Economic Behavior)

   ·  Delay Functions as the Foundations of Time Preference: Testing for Separable Discounted Utility    [pdf]   New 04/15

          (Joint with Keith Marzilli Ericson)


   ·  Optimal Discounting (previously Impatience as Selfishness)    [slides] [pdf] [Suppl.Appendix]

          (Joint with Norio Takeoka)

           (R&R at Econometrica)

  ·  Intuitive Beliefs  [pdf] [slides]   revised 12/18

  ·  Foundations for Intuitive Beliefs   coming soon

  ·  The Formation of Intuitive Beliefs   in progress


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