PT610  Health Promotion and Wellness

Rehabilitation specialists play a vital role in enhancing health and wellness—particularly among people who are at risk of developing or have limitations in functional and role-related activities.  First, however, rehabilitation scientists need to gain knowledge and skills in analyzing health problems and developing theoretically informed programs to enhance behavior change. This course explores ways to incorporate health promotion into clinical practice as well as emerging roles of rehabilitation science professionals in the field of health promotion. 2 cr.


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PT655  Functional Aspects of Aging

Optimizing late-life function and minimizing disability are crucial components of geriatric care and rehabilitation.  With the aging demographics of the United States population, enhancing late-life function becomes increasingly important.  Geriatric rehabilitation is an evolving, interdisciplinary field of study aimed at optimizing late-life function after injury, trauma or disease as well as through health promotion efforts in a variety of settings—home, community, assisted living centers, outpatient centers, and nursing homes.  This course is designed to provide students in physical therapy with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate, develop and implement evidence-based physical therapy interventions for geriatric care in the 21st century.  2 cr.