About me

Jimmy C. Chau

Photograph of Jimmy Chau

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in computer engineering at Boston University, expecting to graduate in September 2016. My current research focuses on the design of MIMO visible light communication systems and on their applications.

I am also a Boston University alumnus with a Master of Science in computer engineering (class of 2011) and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering (class of 2009). Since my undergraduate years here, I have been a research assistant at the Multimedia Communications Laboratory, developing expertise in visible light communication hardware and system design, privacy and network security, and embedded system design.

I have been an active member in multiple student organizations here: most notably as the former president, vice-president, and community chair of the Student Association of Graduate Engineers (SAGE). In my free time, I enjoy dancing and have been a member of the BU Ballroom Dance Club and Team and the BU West Coast Swing Club. In the past, I have also played key roles in BU Bikes, the BU Amateur Radio Club, and the BU Linux Users Group.