Jesse Shore

Jesse Shore Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems
Boston University
Questrom School of Business

I study how social network structure affects collective intelligence, or how people collectively solve problems and create and transfer knowledge.

  • "How intermittent breaks in interaction improve collective intelligence" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018). With Ethan Bernstein and David Lazer; full text and pdf. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1802407115

  • "Network structure and patterns of information diversity on Twitter" MIS Quarterly (2018). With Jiye Baek and Chrysanthos Dellarocas; pdf

  • "Market Formation as Transitive Closure: the Evolving Pattern of Trade in Music" Network Science (2016) pdf

  • "Facts and Figuring: An Experimental Investigation of Network Structure and Performance in Information and Solution Spaces"
    Organization Science (2015) 26:5 1432-1446 with David Lazer and Ethan Bernstein. pdf

  • "Spectral goodness of fit for network models" Social Networks (2015) 43:16-27 with Benjamin Lubin. pdf and Code

  • "Power Laws and Fragility in Flow Networks" Social Networks (2013)
    35:1, pp. 116123.Link and pdf with Catherine Chu and Matt Bianchi

  • "Homogenization and Specialization Effects of International Trade" World Development (2010) 38:1, pp. 37-47 Link and pdf

  • "Power Law versus Exponential State Transition Dynamics" PLoS One (2010) 5:12, e14204. Link, with M. Brandon Westover, and Matt Bianchi

Working papers
  • "Information Network Design via Optimal Graph Spectra"
    with Benjamin Lubin and Vatche Ishakian Working paper
  • "How Intermittent Breaks in Interaction Improve Collective Intelligence" with Ethan Bernstein and David Lazer