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Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.

      ~ Plato, The Republic


I have divided my publications into three sections: First Author Papers; Group Papers, in which I contributed significantly to a group paper; and Observer Papers, for which my extent in the project was limited to helping the team take data.

    First Author Papers

  1. Foster, J.B., Stead, J.J., Benjamin, R.A., Hoare, M.G., Jackson, J.M. Distances to Dark Clouds: Comparing Extinction Distances to Maser Parallax Distances, 2012, ApJ, 751, 157 (Local | astro-ph | ADS)
  2. Foster J.B., Jackson J.M., Barnes P.J., Barris E., Brooks K., Cunningham M., Finn S.C., Fuller G.A., Longmore S.N., Mascoop J.L., Peretto N., Rathborne J., Sanhueza P., Schuller F., Wyrowski F., The Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz (MALT90) Pilot Survey, 2011, ApJS, 197, 25 (Local | astro-ph | ADS)
  3. Foster J.B., Rosolowsky E.R., Kauffman J., Pineda J.E., Borkin M.A., Caselli P., Myers P.C., Goodman A.A., Dense Cores in Perseus: The Influence of Stellar Content and Cluster Environment, 2009, ApJ, 696, 298. (Local | astro-ph | ADS | ADS Proxy)
  4. Foster J.B., Román-Zúñiga C., Goodman A.A., Lada E., & Alves J., Hunting Galaxies to (and for) Extinction, ApJ, 2008, 674, 831. (Local | astro-ph | ADS | ADS Proxy)
  5. Foster J.B., & Goodman, A.A.,"Cloudshine: New Light on Dark Clouds", 2006, ApJ, 636, L105. Press Release. (Local | astro-ph | ADS)

    Group Papers

  1. Longmore, S.N., Rathborne, J., Bastian, N., Alves, J., Ascenso, J., Bally, J., Testi, L., Longmore, A., Battersby, C., Bressert, E., Purcell, C., Walsh, A., Jackson, J., Foster, J.B., Molinari, S., Meingast, S., Amorim, A., Lima, J., Marques, R., Moitinho, A., Pinhao, J., Rebordao, J., Santos, F.D., G0.253+0.016: A Molecular Cloud Progenitor of an Arches-like Cluster , 2012, ApJ, 746, 117 (ADS | astro-ph)
  2. Pineda, J.E., Arce, H.G., Schnee, S., Goodman, A.A., Bourke, T., Foster, J.B., Robitaille, T., Tanner, J., Kauffmann, J., Tafalla, M., Caselli, P., Anglada, G., The Enigmatic Core L1451-mm: A First Hydrostatic Core? Or a Hidden VeLLO? 2011, ApJ, 743, 201 (ADS | astro-ph)
  3. Jones, D.O., West, A.A., Foster, J.B., Using M Dwarf Spectra to Map Extinction in the Local Galaxy AJ, 2011, 142, 44 (ADS | astro-ph)
  4. Pineda, J.E., Goodman, A.A., Arce, H.G., Caselli, P., Foster, J.B., Myers, P.C., Rosolowsky, E.W., Direct Observation of the Sharp Transition to Coherence in Dense Cores ApJL, 2010, 712, L116-L121 (ADS | astro-ph)
  5. Schnee, S., Enoch, M., Noriega-Crespo, A., Sayers, J., Tereby, S., Caselli, P., Foster, J.B., Goodman, A., Kauffmann, J., Padgett, D., Rebull, L., Sargent, A., Shetty, R., The Dust Emissivity Spectral Index in the Starless Core TMC-1C, ApJ, 2010, 708, 127-136 (ADS | astro-ph)
  6. A.A. Goodman, E.W. Rosolowsky, M.A. Borkin, J.B. Foster, M. Halle, J. Kauffmann & J.E. Pineda, A role for self-gravity at multiple length scales in the process of star formation, Nature, 2009, 457, 63-66 (doi:10.1038/nature07609) (Nature | ADS | ADS Proxy)
  7. S. Schnee, E. Rosolowsky, J.B. Foster, M. Enoch, A. Sargent, The Gas Temperature of Starless Cores in Perseus, ApJ, 691, 1754. (Local | astro-ph | ADS | ADS Proxy)
  8. E. W. Rosolowsky, J. E. Pineda, J. B. Foster, M. A. Borkin, J. Kauffmann, P. Casell, P. C. Myers, A. A. Goodman, An Ammonia Spectral Atlas of Dense Cores in Perseus, ApJS, 2008, 175, 509 (Local | astro-ph | ADS)
  9. Naomi A. Ridge and The COMPLETE Team, "The COMPLETE Survey of Star Forming Regions: Phase 1 Data", 2006, AJ, 131, 2921. (Local | astro-ph | ADS)
  10. Naomi A. Ridge, Scott L. Schnee, Alyssa A. Goodman, Jonathan B. Foster, "The COMPLETE Nature of the Warm Dust Shell in Perseus", 2006, ApJ, 643, 932. (Local | astro-ph | ADS)
  11. Hillenbrand L.A., Foster J.B., Persson S.E., & Matthews K., 2002, The Y Band at 1.035 Microns: Photometric Calibration and the Dwarf Stellar/Substellar Color Sequence, PASP, 114,708. (astro-ph | ADS)

    Observer Papers

  1. Mochejska B.J, Stanek K.Z., Sasselov D.D., Szentgyorgyi A.H., Adams E., Cooper R.L., Foster J.B., Hartman J.D., Hickox R.C., Lai K., Westover M., Winn J.N., 2006, Planets in Stellar Clusters Extensive Search. IV. A Detection of a Possible Transiting Planet Candidate in the Open Cluster NGC 2158, AJ, 131, 1090-1105
  2. Blazejowski M. and Team, 2005, A Multiwavelength View of the TeV Blazar Markarian 421: Correlated Variability, Flaring, and Spectral Evolution, ApJ, 630, 130-141