1. Do Consumers Respond to Marginal or Average Price? Evidence from Nonlinear Electricity Pricing
    American Economic Review, 104(2): 537-63, 2014.
      Abstract | Slides | NBER WP | EI WP

  2. Asymmetric Incentives in Subsidies: Evidence from a Large-Scale Electricity Rebate Program
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming.
      Abstract | NBER WP | EI WP | E2e WP

  3. Sequential Markets, Market Power and Arbitrage
    Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review. Current draft: November 2014. (with Mar Reguant)
      Abstract | NBER WP | RIETI

  4. The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards
    In submission. Current draft: September 2014. (with James M. Sallee)
      Abstract | NBER WP | E2e WP | Nikkei Business | RIETI

  5. The Persistence of Moral Suasion and Economic Incentives: Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand
    In submission. Current draft: January 2015. (with Takanori Ida and Makoto Tanaka)
      Abstract | NBER WP | EI WP | E2e WP | Washington Post | Forbes | RIETI

  6. How Do Consumers Respond to Nonlinear Pricing? Evidence from Household Water Demand
    Current Draft: April 2013.

Policy Briefs

  1. Reforming Japan's Electricity Sector: Abe's Push for Deregulation
    National Bureau of Asian Research, October 2013

  2. Do Energy Rebate Programs Encourage Conservation?
    Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Policy Brief #2419, April 2012

  3. Reforming Japan's Power Industry
    Presentation at "One Year After Japan's 3/11 Disaster: Reforming Japan's Energy Sector, Governance, and Economy," Stanford University, February 2012