Got a part at Guifabu. This year is gonna be interesting

Today my winter vacation is going into an end. My class begins tomorrow and I’m lying on my bed writing this. Shuai is now out at somewhere else enjoying his last meal in Boston before he makes it to Connecticut and starts his new semester tomorrow. Liu’s in her room on the 2nd floor. My room is quiet as always, though filled with all my belongings, water, clothes piled near a drawer and the table. My laptop reflects the light from the lamp near my bed, and it’s been mostly like this at night for some weeks.

I joined a team for Guifabu, a Chinese website focusing on tech & media industries, founded by Lynn just for a few weeks.

So I’m writing this mainly for the convenience to organize my thoughts on what is needed to do and how.

From a writer’s view, the first issue is, how the content can distinguish itself from its peers? The problem is that, every news that draws some attention would be reported on some other websites before you had thought about writing it, or even known it. It would feel like a tiny plant living under the dark shadow of a huge tree. Now I got to make it blossom, gracefully and impressively, though at a small, humble scale perhaps. I’ll rather make it a beautiful eye candy for a few people than a large quantity of crap for the massive.

One possible way to do that might be aiming at a very specific, narrow but informative point, and therefore constructing an outstanding(alright, talk’s cheap) article. I don’t know if that works but I shall give it a try.

Ideally what I should do are:

Which are not so likely even for any single one of it, due to my time and capability(well, or just due to this) limits:(

But still, got a goal to fight for.

I’ll start from the scratch and bottom, to achieve a tiny progress, like, talking to some startup, for whatever stories useful or useless. Let’s see.

And after all, here comes a brand new adventurous exhaustive inhumane hell semester!! Fighting!

15 January 2013