GSO meeting minutes for Oct. 4 and Nov. 1, 2005


Oct. 4:


Proposed Projects/actions:

-       Develop a mission statement for the GSO

-       Get out the annual grad student survey

-       Organization of GSO community service events


General Info:

This year’s operating budget is $10,000

Travel grants are a separate budget.  Fall apps are due soon – see website for details.

Travel grant winners should be announced by the first week of Dec.

Oct. 17 = deadline for Graduate Research Abroad fellowships – have long term and short term awards.


Social Events:

Early November: Pub night

Late Nov: Jazz brunch

Early Dec: social for leadership of all BU’s graduate student organizations, deans will be invited.

A series of talks is being organized.

Social events suggested: “Random dinners”


Nov. 1


Proposed Projects/Actions:

-       Put GSO website at end of all emails

-       Email out minutes, post archive on website, have a link to each dept. on the website, list open positions for GSO on website

-       Need a publicity chair!!  Will have an advertising budget for fliers, etc. to advertise GSO and its activities.

-       Incoming graduate students: welcome letter or event by GSO, need a comprehensive orientation for new grad students – maybe GSO helps spearhead this? 

-       Other “get-the-word-out” ideas: develop a dept. email info list, have updated list of contact for each department, leave fliers at GRS office and in each department, recruit with the BU guide to living in Boston, ads in the Daily Free Press, etc.

-       Survey will be posted soon, reps will compete for highest percentage resondees.  Fliers will be sent to reps soon.  Also 10 random surveys with names will be chosen to win $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

-       How do we prevent FICA from being taken out in summer, and given to us in October?


Social Events:

Nov. 30: all BU grad student organizations have a social event, any volunteers or anyone who would like to come, contact Amber

Dec. 4 11-2PM, Jazz brunch in the BU Pub.