GSO minutes 11/3/04


Travel Grants

            -will extend deadline to get at least 10 applications (new deadline of Nov. 12)

- will make sure that the location for dropping off applications is correct on the GSO website (mailbox for room 108A in CAS building)

            - Reading of papers will take place from 12-2PM on Dec. 9th



- Alex would like feedback on the possibility of this event for next year, planning will start soon.  Questions include whether to have posters or breakout sessions, and whether to invite BU grad students or other schools as well.


Next Social Activity

- February (night event), will have the daytime (alcohol free) BBQ again this spring, also

            - Possibly salsa lessons or event at Jillians?


Safety/Crime report

- Many burgularies at BU recently, will work on research for heightened security in these affected buildings, starting with CAS building.

            - Will look at crime stats in BU public safety handbook, and will ask departments f  or burgulary reports (will email to David)


Office Hour

            - GSO office hour will continue to be Wed. from 1-4PM

            - will determine if emails are being received via the GSO email address


Community Service (report from Shelly)

            - Working on event for spring semester

- Met with existing BU community service program to look for a possible project that is a one time commitment, is good for a large group, and doesnŐt require training.   Possibilities: playground project in Brighton, Food Rescue to collect from area restaurants, Science Fair which brings volunteers to do projects in schools.

- Bill will find out how to get the word out to grad students about blood drives that already occur at BU     

- Recycling: Shelly will ask the comm.. serv. Program about this , and we will all find out how our buildings handle recycling.