GSO Minutes 9/10/03


Goals from last year:

1.      Office for GSO – now has office in 132A, would like to have staff drop-by hours

2.      Free student health care – now exists for TA, TF, RA – question of quality is hard to address…

a.       Usha has updated health care section of website, including dental alternatives, comparisons with other schools, etc

b.      Would like to pool $ with other schools for reduced price dental care at BU dental school

c.       May have a talk given to grad students by Chickering rep.

d.      Question of student’s legal rights in terms of health care (ie: transferring of medical records)

e.       Encourage people in our depts. to speak up about problems they may have at the medical center

3.      Grad student housing – has broken ground, 200-300 units

a.       Question of what type of housing there is, pricing, availability, etc


Reassessing Goals:

1.      Survey for determining goals of students to be posted on website – possible incentive among student and program reps to get people to fill out the survey

a.       Owen has publicity materials for the survey

b.      Possible to have a password to log onto survey (so no repeats)?

c.       Add question relating to how aware are students of the role of the GSO?

d.      Deadline = 1 month, like health survey?

2.      Int’l student group – will get emails from survey – may want to use legal angle to attract students

3.      Establish good repor with dept. admin.

4.      Stipends, grants, etc. – including cost of living info for Mass. – possibly a new task force for this topic?

5.      Is there legal advice available for students?


Other Goals:

1.       Make programs aware that int’l students have to check in with their dept/ISSO

by Sept. 16

2.      AHANA meeting – GSO should reach out to that organization, invite them to our mtgs, etc.

3.      Pravda offer – maybe one sat. per month?

4.      Fabian – treasurer’s report, money situation is good.

5.      Publicize lecture on Lolita to our depts.

6.      Let our depts. know about the GSO meetings – open meetings