GSO Minutes 5/5/04


1) The group recognized Usha for her contributions to the health committee, and congratulated her on her graduation.

2) Travel grant results were sent out today (funded 3 out of 20 applications).  Good news on future funding of the grants: new year will bring 3 grants per semester at $300, may move up to $500 soon.

3) Amber is planning summer BBQ for 12-2 on Friday June 11th or 18th, catering offers discounted rate for $7.65 per person, estimating 125-150 people.  Will reserve BU beach and tables, but Amber is leaving May 14th and may hand off planning to Stephanie.

4) Bill: had a meeting with the Deans, medical issue: may be able to buy into med students medical plan, or find another option.  Should send list serve email asking people if they have had problems with med ins. Payments on their bill…this should be brought up at orientation

5) spreading info: trying to get orientation to be for RFs also, will have GSO present at summer BBQ orientation, possible table at union during orientation also…

6) Summer: GSO will continue to update webpage, handbook, handouts, etc.  Looking for volunteers for summer work.  In fall, will have new office possibly and will start office hours again.  Will find out about possible grad student lounge, maybe in new grad student housing.