GSO Meeting March 2, 2004-03-04


Changing meeting day and time?

††††††††††† Should we stay with the same day?

††††††††††† Should we change the time to earlier?

††††††††††† Think about it and weíll talk next week.


Travel Grant Due March 26th

††††††††††† It covers conferences from Feb 1st ŗ June 30th

††††††††††† Are 3 of $250 each this time.

Remind your peeps!!!!!!!!!!

††††††††††† Kavita volunteered to be on the committee.

††††††††††† Christina is heading the Travel Grant Committee.


GSO Survey: points brought up in the meeting

††††††††††† Should we do more Posters and advertising?

Get the word out about our meetings being Open to every grad student

Itís bad that 56% donít know if they are eligible for travel grants.

TF/RA stipend will increase by $500 next year

Activities: Try to do some alcohol, some non-alcohol, Bowling was high on list

Neuroscience and Astronomy won the survery!!!!!!8)


Social will be March 26 (April 2 second choice) at Tua Nua


Danielle came to talk about May Fire, May 8th on the Esplinade

††††††††††† Would like the GSO to support the event.

††††††††††† We need to think of how we could do it (because itís very artsy and fun) in a way so that the deans will approve.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Fund a BU CAS grad student? A group/troup for performance or art piece.


Gave out a draft of a letter to the Dean about adding a graduate student to the search committee for a new dean.


We want to fund more academic things.

Possible: Dean Whittaker to talk about the interview process.††

Possible: CET do a thing for writing CVs


Passed out Budget for next year.

††††††††††† Redistributed money to fund more academic events.

††††††††††† Trying to get more money for travel grants.