GSO minutes 2/4/04


§         Usha introduced Bill who will assist with healthcare work, and will take over the committee at the end of this semester.

§         Bonnie from the Dean of Students office spoke to the GSO.  She explained that most of the office’s resources are geared toward undergrads, but that many could be used by grad students also: the writing center, study skill workshops, the language link, the career center, etc.  She explained that her office could serve as a safehouse or source of support for struggling students.  In addition, she is willing to talk to the department about preparing more concrete information for grad students such as: timelines, CV workshops, career seminars, interview tips, teaching advice, how to transfer skills from academic to non-academic environment, etc.

§         Will look into the Dean’s office being able to forward GSO emails  to all GRS grad students

§         The next social will beat the end of Feb, at Audobon or Tua Nua, with a budget of $800-1000 including drink tickets and food.

§         Discussed possible uses for extra money this semester: speakers, end of semester social (after undergrads leave campus), a possible emergency fund or textbook fund, a lending library at the GSO office with resources for grad students, a career day or orientation lectures for grad students…The GSO will also ask the Dean for additional money to support these academic ventures (similar to travel grant fund).   Ideas for lending library books will be brought to the next meeting, and how to spend additional money will be voted on.

§         Travel grant:  There will be three awards this spring.  Deadline is Mar. 26, dates on website are wrong for this!  The application and drop off location are correct.  Fall travel grant awards: Robert Orazem (psychology) and Alexea Smith (archaeology).  Alexis will send updated travel grant info to the GSO info list, and we will forward it on to our departments. (after email info list is transferred to new GSO president and VP)

§         Website: will form a committee to update website.