Minutes for meeting 1/15/04


§         Voted for new President (Alexis) and vice president (Ben)

§         Travel Grants: due Mon. Jan 26th (send out notice to our departments for new due date, the location for dropoff on website is correct).  The new leader for this project is Christine.

§         Next meetings: Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 1, May 5

§         Bilingual event report: Nigel attended and reported about 40 people attended the event, many grad students and professors.  There were photos taken that should have been sent to Gillian.  There was a nice spread of food, good support was shown for the project, and the event organizers did recognize the financial contribution of the GSO to support the event.

§         Social events:  Amber may not be able to help this semester.  Steph and Kristy will contact Serge for bar information, and will check prices for Tua Nua’s back room for an event in early Feb.  on Thursday or Friday.  

§         Web Page Update:  A new site will be launched by next year with new logo and updated content and style.  Someone noted that the black border on the current site obscures text when certain web browsers are used.  GSO will ask the various departments if someone would be willing to act as GSO webmaster, or a team will learn dreamweaver (can be downloaded free at BU) to recreate the site.  Diana volunteered to help stylistically.

§         Student survival guide on the web:  Eoin volunteered to update descriptions of neighborhoods, other things may be needing updates as well.  The current guide is borrowed from SAGE.

§         GSO book of knowledge:  GSO officers and project leaders will submit write-up of duties, resources, contacts, etc and a meeting will be held to put together a handbook for future leaders and officers.

§         Meeting with the dean: health care reps and past and present presidents and VPs will have a meeting with the dean very soon.

§         GSO would like to make available phamphlets in the GSO office (new location of office still has not been announced) that describe services provided by the GSO.  Nigel volunteered to spearhead this effort.

§         Question was raised re: whether grad students receive free occupational therapy with BU insurance