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The following includes specific literature produced and circulated in response to the TF pay disparity. There is one leaflet, two petitions and one hand-out. They focus on why graduate students were paid differently and what to do about it.

The first one is a leaflet distributed at initial GSO meetings, BGSA meetings, individually, and publicly on campus by a BU graduate student who is also a member of the Progressive Labor Party (an international revolutionary communist organization). The leaflet was produced with the help of non-PLP BU graduate students who gave specific advice and input on how to make it a good leaflet for distribution at BU (particularly for distribution to graduate students). The GSO does not officially endorse the views in this leaflet. Well over 2000 copies were distributed at BU.

The last 3 items focus on specific actions to take around the TF pay disparity. The first is a petition calling for a rally outside the CAS building and the Dean's office to protest the disparity. Well over 100 graduate students signed this petition. The second petition calls for a $1,000 increase for continuing graduate students. Well over 200 graduate students signed this petition. The final item is a hand-out distributed at the the first open meeting calling for a campus-wide letter-writing campaign to protest the pay disparity.