Victory: Dean Berkey's memo announcing an end to the pay disparity

November 6, 1997

TO: Teaching Fellows in the Graduate School
CAS/GRS Department Chairmen
FROM: Dennis Berkey
Provost and Dean
SUBJECT: Teaching Fellow Stipends

Effective January 1, 1998, stipends for continuing teaching fellows (those with experience prior to September, 1997) will be increased to the same levels paid to teaching fellows who began service in September, 1997. That is, all teaching fellows within a given department or program will be paid at the same rates.

This decision eliminates, as of January 1, a disparity that has existed between stipends paid to newly-recruited teaching fellows and those who are continuing from previous years. Stipends, which are part of financial aid packages, were increased for new students in order to make our offers of admission more competitive. Initially, Graduate School funds were not sufficient to increase stipends for continuing students. In recent weeks we have been able to identify funds that can be used for this purpose, and we are pleased to acknowledge the good work of our continuing teaching fellows in this way, beginning in January.

Teaching fellowships are not employment contracts. Rather, they are a means by which the Graduate School provides financial assistance to worthy students. Teaching fellows serve on instructional teams in their departments or programs, receiving training as teachers under the direct supervision of faculty in a kind of apprenticeship not unlike interns in a hospital. Their services in this regard enrich the teaching program of the College, and we are grateful for their fine work in aiding our undergraduate students.

Department Chairmen should be certain that the necessary paperwork is forwarded to the Graduate School. Please contact Dean Whitaker or Andrea White with any questions.

cc: Professor Scott Whitaker, Associate Dean/GRS
Andrea White, Director of Graduate School Programs