Fenway Community Health Center

(Information as of February, 1998.)

The Fenway Community Health Center (FCHC) is a health center not far from BU that offers primary care physicians and some specialists. It is known for being gay-friendly and for being sensitive to the needs of patients with HIV.

Assistance Programs

The FCHC currently provides financial assistance mainly through 2 programs, Free Care and Center Care. They have other programs for those who are HIV+.

Free Care

Below we describe some specifics about using Free Care at the FCHC.

See a general description of Free Care, including how to qualify, before proceeding.

Coverage Exclusions
Certain specialists or lab work may not be covered.

As the FCHC has no pharmacy, prescriptions are not covered.

There is no coverage for dental services.

Center Care

Center Care is a assistance program roughly equivalent to Free Care, but it is only available at health centers (rather than hospitals). It uses the same income limits as Free Care.

Unlike Free Care, it cannot cover you if you have other insurance.


If interested, you can ask to talk to the FCHC's Financial Assistance Coordinator at 617-927-6000. In order to apply, you'll have to go to the FCHC for an interview. They ask that you bring any information about insurance you already have when you go to talk to the Financial Assistance Coordinator.

Additional Information

Information about the FCHC is on the web at http://www.fchc.org. In addition to the above services, the FCHC also provides services like anonymous or confidential HIV testing, flu and hepatitis vaccines, etc.

To contact the Graduate Student Organization on healthcare issues, send mail to healthcare@gso.bu.edu.