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This site is provided by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) in order to inform graduate students about their healthcare options. Please only bookmark this main healthcare page.

The GSO makes no guarantees about plans listed on this site. Note that dates are listed with all information since plans and costs change over time. We have made an effort to report all plans accurately. Nonetheless, health plans are complicated, so if you have any corrections to make, we'd like to hear from you.

BU's Student Healthcare

Medical Plan:
Dental Plan:

Other Healthcare Options for BU Students

The following are plans that some (or all) BU students can take advantage of either in place of BU's Student Medical Insurance Plan or as a supplement to it. They fall into 3 main categories: normal insurance plans; discount plans that provide certain discounts at participating providers; or assistance programs, which require income or other kinds of qualifications. Some plans can even supplement your insurance, covering services that your insurance does not.

Health Insurance:

Gov't Programs:

Programs at Hospitals/Health Centers:


Definitions and Explanations

Other Healthcare Plans in Academia (for comparison)

Information on other plans offered in academia so that you may compare them to what BU offers to students:

To contact the Graduate Student Organization on healthcare issues, send mail to