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Graduate Student Organization
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Achieving Healthcare at BU

The GSO has been addressing the issues and concerns of GRS graduate students about healthcare costs and quality provided by the Chickering healthcare plan. 

We are pleased to annouce that there will be healthcare coverage for full-time TFs and RAs starting 2003-2004.  Click here to see the message from Dean Whitaker regarding payment of healthcare.

Previously, the GSO conducted a healthcare survey in April 2002.  The results are posted here in word document format.

LATEST INFO (October 2003):

For additional information or FAQ's about the new medical insurance credit for Teaching Fellows and Research Assistants, go to

If you have taken out loans for the academic year and are a Teaching Fellow or Research Assistant who will receive the medical insurance credit, you can file a credit release voucher and a refund on your account will be processed, as soon as the medical insurance credit is applied to your account. If you need your refund much sooner, please see a Financial Assistance coordinator in the GRS office.

Usha Govindarajulu
Head of GSO Healthcare Committee

GSO Healthcare Conference: May 1, 2003
A healthcare conference was held at BU sponsored by our committee to achieve a regional understanding or consensus on how to obtain healthcare funding or achieve quality healthcare for funded graduate students at one's respective university.

We had attendees from Tufts, Northeastern, and MIT. We came up with an interesting discussion. Notes from the conference are available here in word document format. We also came up with a comparison of funding of healthcare at various universities

BU's Student Medical Insurance Plan

Medical Plan:


Other Healthcare Options for BU Students

The following are plans that BU students may be able to take advantage of either in place of BU's Student Medical Insurance Plan or as a supplement to it. They fall into 3 main categories: 1) normal insurance plans; 2) discount plans that provide certain discounts at participating providers; or 3) assistance programs, which require income or other kinds of qualifications. Some plans can even supplement your insurance, covering services that your insurance does not.

Health Insurance:

Gov't Programs:

Dental Care and Insurance

Dental Care:
  • The BU Dental School and other area schools of dentistry offer dental care at reduced rates. The trade-offs for lower prices however include long wait times and unpracticed hands, but some students find this to be an acceptable alternative to full priced dentistry.
  • Harvard Dental Center - Discount rates via their "Teaching Practice".
  • Private Dentist Discounts
  • Tufts Dental Clinics - Discount rates via their "Undergraduate & Postgraduate Clinics".
Dental Insurance Plans:

Other Healthcare Plans in Academia (for comparison)

Information on other plans offered in academia so that you may compare them to what BU offers to students:

Definitions and Explanations

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