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Graduate students who find themselves short of funds while waiting for
their TF/RA stipends or loan checks to arrive can sometimes obtain
short term emergency funds from the Graduate School.

In cases where a graduate student already has a source of funding, typically a fellowship, assistantship, or loan, but has not yet received these funds, and yet there is a real need for money right away, that student can sometimes get short term emergency funds from the Graduate School.

These emergency funds are in the form of a cash advance or else a short term emergency loan, and are made in cases where the graduate student will be able to promptly repay the loan of cash advance with a forthcoming loan or stipend check.

These emergency funds will be available only after the first day of classes each semester. As well, the student must be registered for the current semester and must not owe any previous semester balances on her or his student account.

Please note that these are emergency funds; they are issued only when there is a real and immediate need for money on the part of the student.

Note also that these emergency loans or cash advances are made by the Graduate School on a case by case basis. There are no set guidelines for awarding such funds and no guarantee that a graduate student can receive them.

To find out more about obtaining such emergency funds, see Janette Countryman in the Graduate School office.

To be sure that fellowship awards are being processed properly, see the administrative assistant (AA) in your department.

To be sure that your student loan is being processed correctly, and to find out what you must do to complete the loan process, see Janette Countryman in the Graduate School office. Students can also check their loan and student account status on the 'Student Link' at http://www.bu.edu/studentlink.

Be sure to apply as early as possible for any student loans (federal and private) you wish to receive, as these loans take at least four to eight weeks for processing. Finally, note that loan funds cannot be released until after the first day of classes for each term or semester.

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Last Update: February 29, 2000.