Cycle Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most scenic regions for cycling. If you want some gorgeous views and some exhilerating decents, you'll want to experience our Lake Tahoe ride - The Most Beautiful Ride in America. The ride is challenging so beginners need to train to enjoy the 74 mile ride around the lake.

Compass Adventure Tours saves you the headache of transporting your own bike. You can rent one of our bikes. Our bikes have a triple chainwheel, which means they have a range of gears that'll get you up Emerald Bay, the most challenging climb of the day. We also provide handlebar bags for carrying incidentals like a camera and snacks.

Getting Fit

Novice riders can manage 20 miles a day with very little advance training, if you have a baseline level of fitness by way of walking or jogging. Far better, of course, is to start riding several months before your trip, at least a few days a week on an indoor bike. There's a dirty little secret involved here: Bike riding is hard on your butt if you're not used to riding. Utilize those advance months to develop the necessary butt toughness.

If your trip exceeds 40 miles a day, you're in for a challenge. But if you've been doing your training, stepping up to those slightly longer distances won't be difficult. The Lake Tahoe ride not only is a longer distance (74 miles) but it contains some challenging climbs. Emerald Bay is the steepest, but Spooner Summit is an 8-mile climb with a 6 percent grade. Unless you plan on walking, get in your training before attempting this trip. Our guide consultants will provide you with a 3 month training program to get you in shape for the ride.


Finally, remember that there's a darn good reason why cyclists wear that odd-looking synthetic clothing: It dries quickly, and the padded shorts prevent chafing in your sensitive regions. Bring two or three sets, plus a water-resistant windbreaker (made of a breathable microfiber) and tights if the weather might be chilly. You'll need gloves, of course, and a helmet.