Stine Grodal

I am Asssociate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Boston University. My main streams of research focuses the
emergence of categories in nascent markets and the strategic actions market participants take to create and exploit
these emerging social structures. My work is interdisciplinary and I combine insights from sociology to address novel
questions in organizational theory and strategic management. An essential driver of all of my research is a close
engagement with the phenomenon of interest. I am, therefore, deeply committed to field methods, and use interviews,
ethnography and in-depth archival research, combining these methods with quantitative analyses when appropriate.
My research is among others published in Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of
Management Journal
, Academy of Management Review and American Sociological Review.

My research has won several awards. My paper "Hedging Your Bests: Explaining Executives Labeling Strategies in
Nanotechnology" published in Organization Science received the 2009 Best Paper Award at the EGOS conference.
A symposium based on my Academy of Management Review paper "The Co-evolution of Categories and Technologies
during Industry Emergence" received the 2014 Best Symposium Award. My paper published in Academy of Management
Journal titled
"Help-seeking and Help-giving as an Organizational Routine" has won the Positive Organizational
Scholarship (POS) Best Paper Award, and I gave a keynote address at the POS annual conference in June, 2015. My
research has also won a large and competitive NSF grant, which has formed the foundation of my recent collaborative
work on categories and industry evolution. Before coming to Boston University I received a PhD in Management Science
and Engineering from Stanford University and a BA and MA in psychology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact Information

Email: grodal at bu dot edu
Office Phone: 617 353 5617
Address: 595 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA, 02215, USA