Matvei Bronstein,  1906 -1938



Matvei Bronstein's chronology  


1906, Dec 2   —  born to a physician's family in Vinnitsa, Ukraine


1925 — first scientific publications (on photon structure of X-rays)

1926 — entered Leningrad University 
1929 — work on astrophysics (Hopf-Bronstein relation), first works in popular science

1930 — started his work at the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute

1931 — the first Soviet review on cosmology in Physics-Uspekhi
1931, spring — met Lydia Chukovskaya
1932-33 — works on the theory of semiconductors, nuclear physics, cosmology;
began work on a popular science book for children "Solar matter"




1934 — note on the problem of ch-measurability:
Zur relativistischen Erweiterung des Unbestimmtheitsprinzipes. C. R. Acad. Sci. URSS. 1934. Bd. 1, S. 390-392.

the first version of the book "Solar matter" is published




1935,  Nov 22  —  doctoral dissertation "Quantization of gravitational waves"; Igor Tamm and Vladimir Fock the opponents


1936 —two articles on quantum gravity:
Quantentheorie schwacher Gravitationsfelder // PZS. 1936. Bd. 9. S. 140-157.

Kvantovanie gravitatsionnykh voln
[Quantizing of gravitational waves] // ZhETF, 1936, Vol. 6, pp. 195-236


1936-37 - published are popular science books for children  "Solar Matter", "X rays", and "Inventors of Radio"
(see. Солнечное вещество. Лучи икс. Изобретатели  радиотелеграфа. М.: Наука, 1990. 176 с. Библ. «Квант». Вып80)

1936-37 - Work on the impossibility of the spontaneous decay of the photon, that reasserted the fact of cosmological expansion:

Ueber den Spontanen Zerffall der Photonen // PZS. 1936. Bd. 10. S. 686-688.
O vozmozhnosti spontannogo rachsheplenia fotonov
[On possibility of spontaneous splitting of photons] // ZhETF, 1937, Vol. 7, pp. 335-358. 



 1937, August 6 - Matvei Bronshein is arrested in his parents' home in Kiev


1938, February 3 -
Stalin's signature authorized the execution list, which included M. Bronstein 
1938, Feb. 18 - Military Collegium of the Supreme Court and the execution in the Leningrad prison   




House in St.Petersburg, where Matvey Bronstein and Lydia Chukovskaya lived in the 1930s, and a memorial plaque dedicated to both of them