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Matvei Bronstein,
theoretical physicist, pioneer of quantum gravity and cosmology, author of three books on science for children.

Born Dec 2, 1906, arrested Aug 6, 1937, and disappeared...

He was one of the some forty thousands who happened to be included in the so called Stalins execution lists. Stalin signed the execution list with Bronsteins name on February 3, 1938. Two weeks later, there was a trial which lasted half an hour (according to the KGB file) and was followed by the execution that same day, Feb 18, 1938. It is absolutely clear that the Great Leader had no idea who Matvei Bronstein was. 



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MPB_SPb_e.jpg Seminar on quantum gravity and cosmology dedicated to the centenary of Matvei Bronstein

( St.Petersburg, Russia,  Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2006)

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