Workshop-Symposia of the International Association for Cyanophyte Research (IAC)

Founded 1959 by Edith Kann, Austria and Otto Jaag, Switzerland

IAC was started by a small group of phycologists participating at the 14th International Limnological Congress (SIL) in August 1959. Austrian phycologist, Dr. Edith Kann organized a special boat trip on the lake Traunsee during the postcongressional excursion. In the midst of a discussion about the need of coordinated effort in dealing with ecology and taxonomy of cyanophytes, Prof.Dr. Otto Jaag of EAWAG/ETH Institute in Zurich, Switzerland invited the group to meet at the then newly constructed Hydrobiological Laboratory in Kastanienbaum on lake Luzern as participants of a Symposium-Workshop (Arbeitssymposium). Thus started a tradition of IAC-symposia that now meet every 3 years in late July or August hosted by Institutions in different countries. The first symposia took place in Katanienbaum, Switzerland (1-1960; 2-1961; 3-1963; 4-1966; 5-1969; 6-1972), in Lednice, Czechoslovakia (7-1976); Kastanienbaum (8-1979, 9-1983), Athens, Greece (10-1986), Ploen, Germany (11-1989), Sweden (12-1992); Rome, Italy (13-1995), Finnland (14-1998), Barcelona, Spain (15-2001), in Luxembourg (16-2004). The next symposium is planned to be in Mexico City (17-2007). The history of the first 25 years of IAC, including reports of the first 9 symposia with bibliography was summarized by Kann & Golubic (1985). The proceedings of IAC-symposia are peer-reviewed and traditionally published in Algological Studies, Supplementa of Archive of Hydrobiology, E. Schweizerbartsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, D-7000 Stuttgart, Germany.


Kann, E. & Golubic, S. 1985. 25 years of the International Association for Cyanophyte research. Algological Studies 38/39, Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 71: 15-32.


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