Treasured Quotes

"‘World of daily life’ shall mean the intersubjective world which existed long before our birth, experienced and interpreted by Others, our predecessors, as an organized world." Alfred Schutz , Collected Papers, Vol. I, p 208

"Even the thing perceived in everyday life is more than a simple sense presentation. It is a thought object, a construct of a highly complicated nature, involving not only particular forms of time- successions in order to constitute it as an object of one single sense, say of sight, and of space relations in order to constitute it as a sense-object of several senses, say of sight and touch, but also a contribution of imagination of hypothetical sense presentations in order to complete it." Alfred Schutz, Collected Papers, Vol. I, p. 3,
citing A.N. Whitehead

"In every discipline, humanistic or scientific, the familiar common sense world of everyday life is a matter of abiding interest. In the social sciences, and in sociology particularly, it is a matter of essential preoccupation. It makes up sociology's problematic subject matter, enters the very constitution of the sociological attitude, and exercises an odd and obstinate sovereignty over sociologists' claims to adequate explanation." Harold Garfinkel in Studies in Ethnomethodology, p. 36

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