Geng, Yanfeng (耿沿锋 )

Tel: 857-919-5135



Boston University         09/2008-02/2013

           PHD degree in Systems Engineering (GPA: 4/4)                                    

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)       09/2001-07/2005

           Bachelor degree in Automation  (GPA: 3.7/4)                 


Work Experiences                                                                                         

Software Develop Engineer at (an Amazon Company)                 Feb. 2013 - present

Software and Control Engineer at Microcyber Inc., China                                    2005 – 2008

       MOCVD Equipment Control System Development                                            

·         Established the control scheme for a six-piece-substrate Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) equipment.

·         Sketched the control gist and programmed in the PLC layer.


Research Experiences                                                                                         

 Intern at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories                      June 2012 – Aug. 2012

·         Statistically analyzed huge amount of probe car data (millions of files). (C++, GIS)

·         Built up a model to predict future travel time, using machine learning tools (Support Vector Machine, Linear/Nonlinear Regression, Kernel regression, etc).      

Smart Traffic Light Control                                                                                2011 – Feb. 2013

·           Used Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis (IPA) method to solve the optimal traffic light control problem for a single intersection and multiple intersections.

·           Designed a lab platform to imitate the real traffic light systems and applied our idea.

“Smart Parking” System Design and Implementation                                     2009 – Feb. 2013

·           Invented a new “smart parking” system based on optimal parking resource allocation and reservation, and completed simulation and case study (C/C++)  using CPLEX

·           Solved the optimal allocation problem using MILP and Reinforce Learning methods.

·           Deployed the system in a garage with our self-designed sensors  and built a website and smartphone application for the “smart parking” system . (MySQL, C++, Java Script, HTML)

·           Analyzed and learned driver parking behaviors based on data collected by the system

·           This project was reported in the news and TV: NECN and Boston Herald.

Realization of RHC in Khepera III Robot System                                               2008 – 2009

·           Implmented both Central and Distributed Receding Horizon Control (RHC) scheme in Khepera III robot to achieve cooperated control.

·           Realized wireless communication among Mica2, Khepera robots and PC via Wifi. Designed security-guaranteed message transmit format. (Linux C, UDP)




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Honors & Awards

·           Passed CFA level I, 2011

·           Second Prize of IBM/IEEE “Smarter Planet Challenge” Competition, 2011

·           Reported by NECN for the contribution in “Smart Parking”, 2011

·           Division of Systems Engineering Traveling Award, 2011, 2013

·           Honor Mention of Boston Sci. Poster Day, Boston University, 2010

·           Graduate Teaching & Research Fellowship, Boston University, 2008-2012

·           First Prize, Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling of Northeast China, 2007

·           Outstanding Student Scholarship, USTC, 2001,2002,2003,2004