Dr. Guido D. Salvucci is a Professor in the department Earth Sciences  and the department of Geography and Environment, and is the Chairman of  Earth Sciences.  His research interests include Vadose zone hydrology (land surface water and energy balance processes; groundwater-vadose zone interactions; analytical descriptions of infiltration, drainage and evaporation processes); Remote sensing (estimation of  evapotranspiration and water budget at large scales); Stochastic  hydrology (spatial and temporal aggregation and disaggregation of hydrologic fields; measurement-model scale discrepancies; hypothesis testing in land-atmosphere interactions); and Hydroclimatology (coupled atmospheric water  and energy  balance processes).


Recent projects in these areas include: 1) estimation of water vapor convergence over the Mississippi River Basin using top-of-atmosphere net radiation and the moist-static energy budget as constraints; 2) estimation of the relation between soil moisture and land surface fluxes and how that relation scales spatially;  3) evaluation of the impact of large-scale irrigation on boundary layer fluxes in Southeastern Turkey using remote sensing data, mesoscale modeling, and the Bouchet-Morton complementarity framework; and 4) evaluating the influence of groundwater dynamics on land-atmosphere fluxes.


His work has been published in Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrometeorology,  Journal of Climate, Geophysical Research Letters, and Advances in Water Resources, among others. His service to the scientific community includes being an Associate Editor of Water Resources Research, an Editorial Board Member of Advances in Water Resources, a member of the National Science Foundation's Hydrology Section proposal review panel,  the American Geophysical Union Hydrology Fellows Committee,  and a member of the National Research Councilšs Committee on Strategic Advice on the U.S. Climate Change Science Program.  In 2003 the  American Geophysical Union awarded him the James B Macelwane Medal and named him a Fellow.