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Biostatistics Home


David R. Gagnon

David's Home Page

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Statistical & Medical Resources

Statistical Resources

SAS Resources

·         Good SAS macros and utilities

·         SAS Version 9.2 Support Page

· The SAS Wiki

·         SAS Resources, UCLA

·         Dr. Wuensch's SAS Programs Page

·         PhilaSUG Local SAS Users Group Home Page

·         SAS Frequently Asked Questions ATS UCLA

·         SAS Frequently Asked Questions

·         SAS Information Guides

·         SAS Library_ Web Page Resources

·         SAS Webbooks

·         SAS WinBUGS for factor analysis

·         SAS IML Lecture [Harvard]

·         Psych 6140 - SAS-IML examples [York]

·         Spiegelman RR macro

· - _FAQ_SAS_

·         The FAQchest - SAS-L Mailing list archive

·         Paul Allison’s Home Page

Bayesian Analysis

·         Darren’s WWW links: Bayesian software

·         bugs.R, bugs(), bugsR: functions for running Bugs from R

·         Biostatistical Software

·         Bite_ Bayesian Intensity Estimator

·         Bayesian course handouts

·         A Bayesian Primer

·         The Bayesian Paradigm

·         Web Site for Perfectly Random Sampling with Markov Chains:

·         MCMC Preprint Service - Full List

·         Simon Jackman's MCMC Resource for Social Scientists

·         The BUGS Project - Documentation

·         The BUGS Project - Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling

·         Software for Flexible Bayesian Modeling and Markov Chain Sampling

·         Metropolis algorithm, S-Plus


Data Sources

·         Duxbury Resource Center_ Data Library

·         Modeling Survival Data_ Extending the Cox Model

·         National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys

·         Oak Ridge Mortality Study July 1997

·         The Data and Story Library

·         WWW SAMPLER - Data, Data, and More Data

·         DASL Datafiles

·         Chance Database

·         Free, Public Data Sets |

Statistical Graphics

·         R Graph Gallery :: Home

·         SAS_Graph Summary

·         Gallery of Data Visualization

·         The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press

·         Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics

·         High resolution maps of John Snow

·         Data Visualization Systems_ XGOBI and XGVIS, freely available

·         Florence Nightingale Collection Catalog


·         The R Language

·         The CRAN R Archive Network

·         Statistical Computing R resources

·         R FAQs and Tips

·         R FAQ

·         Rweb

·         Simple R Textbook

·         Running Bugs from R - Gelman

·         How to import SAS data set into R

·         Statistical Rules of Thumb

·         Statistical Calculators - NIWA Science

·         Pi in Indiana

·         Statistics Resources

·         Programmable Calculators: Calculators and the Gamma Function

·         statz rappers - Google Video

·         Elizabeth Brown R software

Root Cause Analysis

·         FMEA guides on the FMEA Info Centre for all info about Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

·         Marie Davidian

·         Probability Distribution Applet


·         Applications of Latent Trait and Latent Class Models

·         Causal and Statistical Reasoning Course

·         Judea Perl_ causality

·         More about MIX

·         PA 765_ Structural Equation Modeling

·         Stata FAQ_ Path Analysis

·         Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

·         Structural Equation Modeling

·         Structural Equation Modeling_Path Analysis_ Web Page Rough Draft –

·         SEM_ Measures of Fit (David A. Kenny)



·         Gareth James - Home Page

·         Gareth James - Research

·         Home Page for the SRCD Symposim on Longitudinal Data Anlaysis

·         J.S. Marron

·         Patrick Curran_ Home Page

·         Stat 321 Functional Data Analysis

·         Comparing PROC GAM with PROC TPSPLINE

·         Spline Curves and Surfaces

·         undervisningsmateriale

·         Functional Data Analysis_ Software


·         Mice Data Set_ Mixture model with Spline

·         Smoothing Methods in Statistics

Other Resources

·         StatLib Index

·         Mathematics Genealogy Project

·         John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers

·         American Statistical Association Home Page

·         The International Biometrics Society: ENAR

·         The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Epidemiology

·         The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

·         The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

·         The Comprehensive R Archive Network

·         Current Index to Statistics Queries

·         StatCalc

·         Mondrian - Interactive Statistical Graphics in JAVA

·         Data conversion online - free data conversion

·         DataSets

·         OpenEpi--Epidemiologic Calculators

·         Factor Analysis UTexas

·         Factor Analysis SUGI 22 PAPER268

·         Statistical Distributions

·         Resampling Stats

·         Statistics Resources

·         Statistics 702/J702 - Fall 2004

·         Journal of Statistical Software

·         Home Page of Eric V. Slud [MCMC]

·         Stat798C Home Page

·         Inferring From Data

·         The Impoverished Social Scientist’s Guide to Free Statistical Software and Resources

·         Weibull Analysis Resources for the Reliability Professional

·         The Generalised Lambda Distribution

·         Index of /wenwei/www/Courses/bayes

·         UCLA MLwiN Portal

·         Cluster Analysis Example

·         Statistics: Index - MathWiki


·         Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java

·         Recursive-Partitioning.com_ Regression Trees

·         Classification Society of North America

·         Cluster Analysis

·         Multivariate Statistics_ Introduction

·         SPAETH - Cluster Analysis Datasets

·         CS3621 Introduction to Computing with Geometry Course Notes

·         E. L. Frome_ Poisson Regression


·         Poisson Confidence Limits

·         Poisson Events and Rates

·         Biostatistical Methods_ The Assessment of Relative Risks

·         Computer Intensive Methods

·         Factor Analysis

·         VLISS Virtual Laboratory in Survey Sampling

·         Goodness-of-Fit

·         Compute bounds using a spending function

·         SWOG Statistical Tools Menu Page

·         Isomap Homepage

·         Jim Ramsay

·         MDS Other methods.

·         ODL - Mathematical Psychology - Multidimensional Scaling

·         Open source Clustering software

·         Phylogeny Programs

·         XGOBI and XGVIS

·         Chris Fraley Cluster papers

·         Health Studies 312_Statistics 226 Home Page

·         SuperCourse Lectures: Biostatistics

·         Online Lectures on Bioinformatics

·         Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

·         Stat 226 Home Page

·         web stats GASP homepage

·         Bivariate Normal Simulator Description

·         CDE Working Papers

·         Data Analysis Papers and Presentations

·         Frequently Asked Questions about SEM

·         ISI99 Proceedings

·         JSTOR Journal Archive

·         Life and Work of Statisticians

·         Mixture modelling, Clustering, Intrinsic classification, Unsupervised learning and Mixture mode

·         New View of Statistics_ Contents

·         Polmeth_ Working Papers

·         Research Reports Sorted By Year

·         StatNotes_ Online Textbook for PA 765

·         The Statistics Homepage Textbook

·         Ask Professor Mean

·         General FAQ #25_ Handling missing or incomplete data

·         Mayo Clinic - Health Sciences Research - Biostatistics


·         Statistical Resources [Frame Enhanced]

·         Stephen Wolfram_ A New Kind of Science Explorer

·         When to use advanced statistical tests

·         Chance Welcome Page

·         INSPIRE Homepage

·         A New View of Statistics: Home Page

·         MRC Biostatistics Unit

·         Virtual Library_ Random Numbers and Monte Carlo methods

·         eFunda The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers

·         Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page

·         Clustering Program

·         Keith E. Muller’s Home Page

·         Software for multiple imputation

·         CART QUEST

·         Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics

·         FAQ-10 What statistics resources can be found on the web_

·         FAQ-9 Where can I find free_shareware statistical software_

·         Frailty model software

·         Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages -- Part 2

·         Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages

·         MCMC Preprint Service

·         Octave Home Page

·         Other Macro and Program Resources

·         Papers

· -- Supervised & Unsupervised Learning

·         SISA allows you to do statistical analysis directly on the Internet.

·         Software for Classification_ Tree or Rule-based Approaches

·         Statistical Computing Tools and Documents

·         Statistical Services FAQs

·         Statistical Simulations (demonstrations)

·         Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources

·         StatLib---Applied Statistics algorithms

·         Stats calculators UCLA Department of Statistics

·         TM Survival Analysis Program

·         UnifyPow_ A SAS Module_Macro for Sample-Size Analysis

·         WebRing_ hub

·         Welcome to Staz_ JAVA stats demos

·         MAREG Home

·         SFB386: Software

·         Various packages from Brixton Health

·         SPSS Hundreds of Free Sample SPSS Syntax for Download

·         Education › Math-related Programs



Medical Resources


·         CDC Home Page

·         Welcome to WWWONDER [CDC]

·         The National Library of Medicine

·         The U.S. Census

·         The World Health Organization

·         The Red Cross [ICRC]

·         U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Starting Points


·         The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences - Medicine

·         Medscape

·         Martindale's Health Science Guide

Medical Associations and Publications

·         The British Medical Journal

·         American Medical Association Home Page

·         New England Journal of Medicine Online - Home Page

·         American Public Health Association (APHA)

Hands On

·         The Virtual Hospital

·         Interactive Patient Home Page

·         HyperDOC: The Visible Human Project

Specialties and Disorders

·         Crohn's and Colitis Home Page

·         The IBS Page - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Web Sites

·         Sleep Medicine Home Page

·         GASNet Anesthesiology Home Page

·         Tobacco BBS -- News and Resources


·         Internet Pharmacy


·         OncoLink, The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Resource

·         National Cancer Institute: PDQ Statements

·         NCCS guide to cancer resources: cansearch

·         CancerGuide: Stephen Jay Gould's "The Median Isn't the Message"

·         NCI's CancerNet Cancer Information

Medical Reference

·         The Merck Manual


Prepared by David R. Gagnon MD MPH PhD



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