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Newly Published Paper

Early Academic Science and the Birth Industrial Research Labs in the US Pharmaceutical Industry
with Megan MacGarvie [Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 63 (2007) 756–776; extended version available as NBER Working Paper 11470]
Forthcoming Paper
Knowledge Spillovers, Geographic Location & the Productivity of Pharmaceutical Research
with Margaret Kyle, Iain Cockburn, and Rebecca Henderson
[forthcoming, Annales d'Economie et de Statistique; also available as NBER Working Paper 12509]

Working Paper

Climbing Atop the Shoulders of Giants: The Impact of Institutions on Cumulative Research
with Scott Stern
Geography and Innovation: Exploring the Drivers of National Innovative Capacity [Boston University Alumni Breakfast Briefing - Mar-13-06; click here for upcoming Breakfast Briefings]
An Overview of Research on Location & Economic Activity - NBER R&D Roundtable (Jan-21-05)

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