To use Datastream, you need an access to the Econ Lab, a user name and a password. Send me an email ( with your name and status (student, faculty) to obtain a user name and password. Send an email to Karin Rodi ( to be able to access the Econ Lab.

Datastream is available in the Econ Lab, Room 525, on computer CAS-264BSR525-7 (connected to the scanner). In the Econ Lab, log in using your kerberos ID and password to open a Windows session.

  • From the Start menu, locate Datastream/Advance 4.0 and launch it. The first time you use Datastream, you need to register your login and password. To do so, in the menu `Tools', click on `Configure Communications'. Fill-in the 'User Name' and `Password' information. Do not modify anything else. Click `OK'.
  • To download data directly into Excel, you need to install first an Excel add-in. Open Excel, choose the menu Tools/ Add-ins. Click on `Browse' and go to C:/Program Files/Datastream/Datastream Advance and double-click on AdvanceOffice.xla. You now have a new menu in Excel (Datastream-AFO).
  • To start Datastream, either open Excel or Advance 4.0 (in the Start menu, look for Datastream/ Advance 4.0).

It is really important that you close the connection with the Datastream server if you are not using it, because we are only allowed to have one connection at a time, and we share it with SMG and the Math Finance Department. To close the connection, you have to exit Datastream Advance and Excel.


Additional Information

Here is a general description of Datastream and some short fact sheets to present Datastream series by category: Economics, Fixed-Income, Bond Indices, Derivatives, Commodities. A NYU tutorial is available here.

More brochures and user guides are available online at:

You can obtain updated information on the databases by loging in to Datastream Extranet (see Extranet Login in the `Ressources Links' table in the webpage indicated above). Send me an email ( with your name and status (student, faculty) to obtain a login and password; they differ from the ones you use to retrieve data in the Econ Lab.


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