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Faun Sweeney, Lecturer
Office Hours: By Appointment
Branden Wermers, Teaching Assistant
Lab Hours: Wed 4–6 Room 206, Fridays by Appointment Only



Equipment Rentals

Students can rent equipment from Computer Support Services, located at RM 205 of COM, between 1pm–5pm daily (M–F). A picture ID is required as collateral to sign-out the equipment. The equipment must be returned the following weekday by 9am, or students will be charged a $10 late fee for the first day, and a $5 late fee for each day after that.

01.22.07 | Course Overview and Flash Basics

Welcome to Designing Interactive Communication!

  • Overview of the course and expectations
  • Introduction to the Flash 8 interface
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01.29.07 | Graphics and Symbols

  • Creating, importing and modifying graphics
  • Creating, editing and reusing symbols
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02.05.07 | Animation

  • Creating movement and change
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02.12.07 | Basic Interactivity

  • Adding frame labels, scenes, and scripted buttons
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02.20.07 | Sound

  • Importing, controlling, and utilizing sound
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02.26.07 | Movie Clips

  • Creating, editing, and utilizing movie clip symbols
  • Demo Files (.zip)
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03.05.07 | Class Canceled

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03.19.07 | Dynamic Content

  • Loading and displaying data from external files
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03.26.07 | Video and Components

  • Importing and controlling video; Using customizable movie clips
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04.02.07 | Scripting

  • Creating user interactions with ActionScript
  • Demo Files (.zip)
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04.09.07 | Advanced Scripting

  • Creating complex user interactions with ActionScript
  • Demo Files (.zip)
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04.18.07 | Optimization and Delivery

  • Reducing file sizes, creating preloaders, and publishing
  • Critique user interface designs for final projects
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04.23.07 | Beta Testing/Workshop

  • Testing, troubleshooting, and publishing final projects
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04.30.07 | Presentations

  • Present final projects to the class
  • Pizza and soda will be served during intermission
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