10.31.06 | The Website Design

  • Preparing text, images, and video for the Web

The Homework, Due 11.07

Prepare all the elements for a website relevant to the campaign.

11.07.06 | The Website Development, Part 1

  • Presenting text, images, and video on the Web

The Homework, Due 11.14

Build all the pages for the website.

11.14.06 | The Website Development, Part 2

  • Programming user control, gathering information, and publishing/testing a website

The Website, Due 11.21

Develop a fully operational website for your client using Dreamweaver. The website must contain at least 5 Web pages, including an interactive form. All page copy (i.e., paragraphs of text) must be displayed as HTML text. Images are not acceptable for page copy.


  • Publish to the people.bu.edu Web server. The URL will be http://people.bu.edu/‹kerberos username›/ (replace ‹kerberos username› with your kerberos username).
  • Please post a copy of your Web root folder and all it’s contents to course file server in the “Website” folder within the Assignments folder.
  • Capture screenshots of each Web page within a Browser window. Insert the screenshots into a Word document (landscape orientation), print in color and staple together.


  • Does it achieve its communication objectives?
  • Did you use a simple and appropriate screen design?
  • Is there a logical composition of text and visual components?
  • Is there a consistent flow of information, navigation, and design?
  • Is there a consistent use of text style and size?
  • Did you use color effectively?
  • Is the use of images and other visual elements appropriate and effective?
  • Is there a good balance between file size and image quality?
  • Is the use of sound and/or video appropriate and effective?
  • Are there alternate text links for the top level categories on the bottom of each page?
  • Is the first page of your website ‘index.html’?
  • Did you include an interactive form?
  • Are mandatory fields marked clearly?
  • Is the form submission validated?
  • Is there full interactivity (all the pages hyperlinked)?
  • Are there at least 5 HTML pages?
  • Does the Web site look good cross-browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Netscape)?
  • Do the images have informative ALT tags for people who are visually impaired?
  • Is your website error free (links work and there are no missing images)?
  • Did you successfully post your website to the Internet?