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Place your photo here Here is your new home page! The page is ready for you to add a photo, graphic or logo of your organization. Just upload your image, and change the HTML code on this page to include the correct file name and the correct size of your image.

Description/Mission Statement
This is an area intended to describe your organization and it's mission.

This is an area intended to list your organization's officers. Remember to include e-mail links where appropriate.

Briefly describe and list your organization's activities in this area.

Indicate where and when your organization meets. You may want to post minutes from your meetings on the Web site. Include links here for these minutes.

Membership Information
Does your organization have open membership? Or is it limited to students in certain academic programs? Include membership information in this area.

You may want to include links that are pertinent to your organization. You may also want to link to other similar organizations at other colleges and universities.
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