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In the Elliott Group our overall objective is to understand the ways in which life makes use of energy by engaging in electron transfer reactions. Spanning interests in biological solutions or inspiration for the Energy Sciences to the need to  understand redox homeostasis and oxidative stress response -- the core chemistry at work is redox chemistry: how electrons are transferred, manipulated and utilized in biology.

Enzymology, protein electrochemistry and spectroscopy are all approaches that allow us to probe, at the level of molecular detail, the  redox reactions that are  at work in the natural world around us.



Our work has been generously sponsored by the following agencies:

National Science Foundation

Department of Energy - BES

National Institutes of Health-NIGMS

Richard Allan Barry Fund of the Boston Foundation

American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund


Research Corporation


Moving the Electrons

Currently the Elliott Group is looking for multiple (2 to 3)  post-doctoral research associates, with multi-disciplinary interests that span redox enzymology, electrochemistry / electrocatalysis, microbiology and the use of spectroscopy to study redox active proteins and enzymes. The Elliott Group studies a wide range of multi-electron redox enzymes containing multiple redox cofactors, using direct electrochemistry and electrochemical methodologies to bear upon problems in mechanistic enzymology and the development of protein-based electrodes. Areas of chemistry of interest to us include: long-range electron transfer achieved by multi-heme cytochromes, multi-electron reductions of nitrite and sulfite reduction, bacterial peroxidase activities, and CO2 reduction catalyzed by metalloproteins.

Successful candidates will be creative individuals with a proven track-record of leadership and publication. Applicants should be willing to join a multi-disciplinary team that resides at the interstices of  redox biochemistry, electrochemistry and microbiology.

Positions exist for post-doctoral research associates who will:

      (1) work on the redox enzymology of multi-heme and siro-heme dependent enzymes, with aims to both understand the mechanistic chemistry of these enzymes, and to develop them as useful catalysts and/or validate them as potential drug targets.

      (2) develop electrochemical devices and electrodes for novel protein:electrode arrays.

OR (3) develop novel microbial tools for the study of redox active enzymes engaged in CO2     transformation.

As a potential advisor I am committed to the mentoring of post-doctoral colleagues from diverse backgrounds, who have have diverse long-term goals, as the power of intellectual and personal diversity only enhances our research enterprise.  I anticipate successful applicants will serve as a leader within the group, and to build connections between projects and/or collaborators.

INTERESTED?  For any of these positions, please contact SJE directly (elliott @ bu.edu), with a cover-letter and CV. Encouraged applicants will be asked to provide three letters of reference.

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