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Baxter Research Group

Current Students


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Ethan Baxter

Associate Professor

Director of the BU TIMS Facility






Denise Honn

Lab Manager, BU TIMS Facility









Nora Sullivan

Ph.D Candidate

Hydrothermal Carbonate Geochronology and Metamorphic "Hot Spots"




Katie Eccles

Ph.D. Candidate

Detrital Garnet Geochronology





Jamie Kendall

PhD Candidate

Subduction Zone Dehydration





Emily Stewart

PhD Candidate

Geochronology, Tectonics, and Metamorphism







Past students

Graduate Students

Besim Dragovic, PhD 2013, Constraining the rates and timescales of garnet growth and associated dehydration during metamorphism
Anthony Pollington, MA 2008, High-precision microsampling and geochronology of zoned garnets
Leah Mehl, MA 2007, Rate and Duration of Garnet Growth in Sifnos, Greece
Patricia Clay, MA 2006, Partitioning of Noble Gases in Crustal Minerals

Undergraduate Students

Penelope Lancaster, 2003-2004, Senior Thesis
Jennifer Levine, 2004-2005, Summer UROP and Directed Study
Aaron Mayville, 2004, Directed Study
Rachel Potter, 2005-2006, Senior Thesis
Caitlin Masaric-Johnson, 2005-2006, Directed Study
Julie Barkman, 2006-2007, Summer UROP and Senior Thesis
Eileen Koury, 2007, Directed Study
Raul Brens, 2008, Directed Study
Michelle Jordan, 2008-2009, Senior Thesis
Greg Wissink, 2009-2010, Directed Study
Grace Andrews, 2007-2010, Directed Study & Senior Thesis
Karen Law, 2012, Directed Study
Claire Ostwald, 2011-2013, Directed Study & Senior Thesis


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Other Collaborators

Prof. Jay Ague - Yale University
Prof. Paul Asimow - California Institute of Technology

Prof. Julie Bryce - University of New Hampshire

Prof. Mark Caddick - Virginia Tech

Prof. Page Chamberlain - Stanford
Dr. Daniele Cherniak - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Prof. Don DePaolo - University of California, Berkeley
Prof. Ken Farley - California Institute of Technology

Matt Gatewood - University of Alabama (graduate student)

Prof. Brad Hacker - University of California, Santa Barbara

Prof. David Hirsch - Western Washington University

Andrew Kay - Boston College (graduate student)
Prof. Simon Kelley - The Open University, England

Dr. Fawna Korhonen - University of Maryland (post-doc)

Prof. Kate Maher - Stanford

Dr. Emily Peterman - University of California, Santa Cruz (post-doc)
Prof. Paul Renne - Berkeley Geochronology Center & University of California, Berkeley

Louise Roy - Hamilton College (undergraduate)
Prof. Jane Selverstone - University of New Mexico

Prof. Harold Stowell - University of Alabama
Dr. Jay Thomas - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Alan Thompson - ETH Zurich
Prof. Bruce Watson - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jennifer Wright - University of Western Washington (graduate student)


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