Public Presentations

Five continents, eight countries:

Australia , Brazil , Canada , England , Italy , Nepal , and Switzerland ;

U.S.: Thirty-four states: AZ; CA; CO; CT; GA; IA; ID; IL; IN; KS; KY; LA; MA; MI; MN; MO; MT; NC; NH; NJ; NM; NY; OH; OK; OR; PA; SD; TN; TX; UT; VA; WI; WA; and WY; and Washington, DC


Conferences, Workshops, Lecture Series, and Other Public Events

“Social, Sacramental, and Sustenance Dimensions of Water: Energy, the Gulf, and the

Common Good,” keynote address for the conference “Oil Spill: Ecological,

Economic, and Ethical Disaster—Toward a Long-Term Systemic Solution,”

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 10, 2010

“Ecology and Ecclesia ,” luncheon address, Environmental Science and Theology faculty

and students, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 10, 2010

“Melting Mountains, Burning Bushes: Global Warming and Christian Faith,” lecture

series “Science and Christianity,” St. Susanna Church, Dedham, MA,

Sept 27, 2010

“Adam' and ‘Eve': Rising Apes or Fallen Angels?—Christianity and Evolution,” lecture

series “Science and Christianity,” St. Susanna Church, Dedham, MA,

Sept 20, 2010

“Eco-Justice in Theory and Practice,” for the Colloquium “Teaching Eco-Justice in

Theological Education,” Seattle University, Seattle, WA, July 27, 2010

“Love and Rights on Common Ground: James Nash's Love of Nature,” for the Boston

Theological Institute Annual Ethics Colloquium, Andover-Newton Theological

Seminary, Newton , MA , April 21, 2010

“Indigenous and International Insights,” for “Reports from the Parliament of the World's

Religions,” Boston University School of Theology, Boston , MA , Feb 23, 2010

“Encountering ET: Cosmic Contact, Cosmic Charter,” for the Annual Meeting of the

Society of Christian Ethics, San Jose , CA , Jan 9, 2010

“The Last Best Place in the Sacred Commons,” for the “Christianity and Ecology”

section, Parliament of the World's Religions, Melbourne , Australia , Dec 7, 2009

“Spiritual and Social Dimensions of Rivers,” for the symposium “The Great Mississippi River: Restoring Balance,” invited by Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, symposium sponsor; New Orleans , LA , Oct 21, 2009

“Global Warming and Spiritual Traditions,” Carroll College Senior Retreat, Helena , MT , Aug 21, 2009

“Save the Salmon?—Spirituality and Species Survival,” Central Lutheran Church , sponsored by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon , Portland , OR , Apr 26, 2009

“Common Ground in the Pacific Northwest: We Are All Related,” sermon, Mission of the Atonement Catholic/Lutheran Church, Beaverton , OR , Apr 26, 2009

“Salmon as Icon” and “Salmon as Indicator,” keynote addresses for the conference “To Swim with the Salmon: Spirituality and Ecojustice in the Pacific Northwest,” Oregon State University , Corvallis , OR , Apr 25, 2009

“Sacramental Commons: Common Ground in Ecological Ethics,” Northwest House of Theological Studies, Salem , OR , Apr 24, 2009

“Eco-Relationships, Eco-Justice,” luncheon address; and “The Columbia Watershed: A Just and Sustainable Sacramental Commons ?” lecture, Willamette University , Salem , OR , Apr 24, 2009

“Melting Mountains and Creation Care,” Helena Lions Club, Helena , MT , Jun 9, 2009

“Common Ground: We Are All Related,” for the “Religion and Ecology Forum in Celebration of Earth Day,” Marsh Chapel, Boston University , Boston , MA , April 22, 2009

“Environmental Justice: Catholic Social Teaching,” Duquesne University conference “Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships in Collaborative Problem-Solving”; co-keynote speaker with Ira W. Leighton, Deputy Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency, Northeast Region: “The Collaborative Problem-Solving Model,” Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, Apr 2, 2009

“Living Water: Biblical Perspectives and Social Practices,” Hiram College “Lectures in Religion” Annual Series; 2009 series theme: “Common Ground: Creation and Community,” Hiram , OH , Mar 3, 2009

“Saving Salmon: Species Survival, Species Sustainability,” Hiram College “Lectures in Religion,” Mar 3, 2009

“Global Warming and Christian Faith,” Hiram College “Lectures in Religion,” Mar 2, 2009

“Rainbow Relations: Covenant and Community,” for the conference “Forces of Nature: An International Conference on Ethics and Sustainability of the Earth,” Jesuit Institute, Boston College , Feb 27, 2009

“‘Adam' and ‘Eve': Rising Apes or Fallen Angels? Charles Darwin and Christianity,” for the “Theology on Tap” lecture commemorating Charles Darwin's 200 th birthday, Harvard University , Feb 12, 2009

“Christianity and Global Climate Change,” lecture-response to author Bill McKibben, Andover Newton Theological Seminary, Newton , MA , Nov 20, 2008

“Wheat and Weeds Together,” sermon, Plymouth Congregational Church, Helena , MT , Jul 20, 2008

“A New Humanism: Praxis Consciousness for a Global University ,” for the conference “Constructing the New Humanist in Undergraduate Education,” Boston University , Apr 18, 2008

“Melting Mountains, Burning Bushes: Global Warming and Christian Faith,” for the course “Religion and the Ministry of Reconciliation,” Boston Theological Institute, Boston University , Apr 14, 2008

“Melting Mountains, Burning Farms: Global Warming and Christian Faith,” for “The Earth: God's Creation—An Earth Day Celebration,” South Congregational Church, Concord NH, sponsored by the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ, and the New Hampshire Council of Churches, Apr 12, 2008

“Theory and Practice: Ideas in Action,” panel presentation for the conference “Renewing Hope: Pathways for Religious Environmentalism,” Yale University , Mar 1, 2008

“Burning Bushes and Surging Seas : Global Warming and Catholic Faith” and “Opting for the Poor: Ecological Justice”: sole speaker for “Catholic Social Thought and Environmental Sustainability,” University of San Diego , San Diego , CA , Feb 28, 2008

“Climate Change Gets Personal: Global Warming and You,” for the “ Alumni College ,” Boston University Alumni Weekend “Winterfest,” Jan 26, 2008

“Global Warming and Catholic Faith,” for the session “Ethics and Catholic Theology,” at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Atlanta , GA, Jan 5, 2008

Sacramental Commons: Christian Ecological Ethics : Breakfast with an Author,” Annual Meeting, Society of Christian Ethics, Atlanta , GA , Jan 4, 2008

“Melting Mountains, Burning Bushes: Global Warming, Science, and Religion,” J. James Woods Lecture in the Sciences and Humanities, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, Nov 12, 2007

“The Poor of the Planet and the Planet of the Poor,” University of St. Thomas Law Journal Fall, 2007 Symposium “Peace with Creation: Catholic Perspectives on Environmental Law,” St. Thomas University , Minneapolis , MN , Sept 21, 2007

“Faculty Expectations,” panel presentation, Boston University School of Theology Orientation for new students, Aug 31, 2007

“Melting Mountains, Flaming Forests : Bearing Our Burdens,” sermon at Marsh Chapel, Boston University , Apr 11, 2007

“The Challenge of Environmental Sustainability,” guest lecture for the course “Work, Family and Ecology,” Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary, Cambridge , MA , Apr 4, 2007

“Caring for Creation and Community: Global Warming,” St. John Fisher College , Rochester , NY , March 23, 2007

“Melting Glaciers, Burning Fields: Climate Change and Catholic Faith,” St. John Fisher College , Rochester , NY , Mar 22, 2007

“Global Warming and Christian Faith: Science, Religion, and Ecology,” EBE Seminar Series, Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology, Boston Univ. , Jan 29, 2007

“Gustavo Gutiérrez, Job, and Social Justice” for 1986 Nobel Peace Laureate Prof. Elie Wiesel's course “Literature of Memory II: The Book of Job,” Boston University , Nov 28, 2006

“The River as Sacramental Commons: Water and Ecological Ethics,” Marist College , Poughkeepsie , NY , Nov 13, 2006

“Melting Glaciers, Burning Farms: Global Warming and Catholic Faith,” keynote presentation for the conference “Global Warming: A Catholic Perspective,” Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Oct 29, 2006

“Theology of the Land,” Carroll College Senior Retreat “Self and a Sense of Place,” Camp Child , Helena , MT , Aug 18, 2006

“Religion, Ecology, and Ethics” on the panel, “Science, Religion and the Environment” at “Exploring the Landscapes of Environmental Thought–An Environmental Ethics Institute,” University of Montana, Missoula, MT, Jul 27, 2006

“The Biblical Jubilee,” Capital High School Senior Biology Seminar classes, Capital High School , Helena , MT , May 16, 2006

“Caring for the Commons and the Common Good,” Chaplain's Table Series, Tufts

University, Medford , MA , Feb 23, 2006

“Christian Ecological Ethics” on the panel “Justice and Peace: Is There Common Ground?” sponsored by Boston University Schools of Theology and Social Work, May 13, 2006

“St. Francis in the 21 st Century: Creation, Compassion and Community” and “Spirituality in Creation: Francis of Assisi and Phillip Deere,” Prayerlodge, Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Busby, MT, Jan 14, 2006

What Are They Saying About…Environmental Theology? : Breakfast with an Author,”

Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, Jan 7, 2006

“Ethical Issues in Cloning,” Boston University Bioethics Society and Boston University Pre-Medical Society (co-panelist with George Annas), Boston , MA , Dec 1, 2005

“St. Francis for the 21 st Century,” for the Conference “St. Francis and the Traditions of Spirituality: Multidisciplinary Approaches,” University of North Carolina-Asheville, Oct 20, 2005

“St. Francis in the 21 st Century: Creation, Compassion and Community,” Western Regional Maryknoll Affiliates Conference, University of Montana , Missoula , MT , July 29, 2005

“Ishmael, Genesis and the Jubilee,” Capital High School Senior Biology Seminar classes, Capital High School , Helena , MT , May 19, 2005

“Religion and Environment,” for the senior seminar in theology and ecology “Ecology and Theological Ethics” (Prof. Stephen Pope), Boston College , Apr 28, 2005

“Living Water in the Earth Commons,” sermon at Marsh Chapel, Boston University ,

Boston , MA , Apr 27, 2005

“St. Francis in the 21 st Century: Creation, Compassion and Community,” for the Annual Series “Christ & Culture,” Canisius College , Buffalo , NY Apr 21, 2005

“Spiritual Dimensions of Rivers,” for the conference “The Enduring Place of Rivers in Our Lives,” Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma , WA , Jan 14, 2005

“St. Francis and Wilderness: Spirituality for the 21 st Century,” Annual Meeting of the Montana Wilderness Association, Helena, MT Dec 3, 2004

“Community and Commons: Brazilian Perspectives on Liberation and Creation,” Annual Meeting, American Academy of Religion , San Antonio , TX Nov 21, 2004

“Living Water: A Natural Right,” response to Sandra Postel (Director, Global Water Policy Project; Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute), for the conference “Faith, Ethics, Environment,” University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN Nov 9, 2004

“Living Water in the Earth Commons,” Earth Day, Carroll College , Helena , MT Apr 22,


“Living Water in the Rural Commons ” and “Justice in the Rural Commons” at the Rural Life Day conference “Farming in the Sacramental Commons,” George Washington Carver Research Farm, Jefferson City , MO Dec 6, 2003

“ Cuba , the U.S. Embargo and the Church,” Cuban Trade Lecture Series, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Nov 20, 2003

“The Jubilee Then and Now: Church and Environment across Millennia,” Plymouth Congregational Church, Helena , MT , Oct 26, 2003

“Adam and Eve: Rising Apes or Fallen Angels?–Christianity, Science, and Evolution,” with Grant Hokit, Ph.D., Biology Dept., Carroll College Faculty Colloquium, Mar 28 2003

“Absolute Power and Compassionate Justice,” Peace Rally, Montana State Capitol, Mar 20, 2003

“Living Water: A Sacramental Commons,” keynote address at the conference “Water: A Sacramental Commons,” sponsored by the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Wash. , DC, Feb 8, 2003

“The Earth Charter's Holistic Vision,” Lewis and Clark Medical Society, Helena , MT , Montana Club, Jan 23, 2003

“Swords or Plowshares?” Peace Rally, Montana State Capitol, Jan 16, 2003

“Considerations in a Time of War,” at the “War With Iraq?” debate and community forum sponsored by Students for a Just Society, Carroll College, Helena, MT, Dec 5, 2002

“Earth Charter and Earth Ethics,” St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Helena , MT , Nov 20,


“Sacramental Universe, Sacramental Commons,” St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Helena ,

MT, Nov 6, 2002

“The Earth Charter,” sponsored by the Theology Club, Carroll College, Helena, MT, Oct 24, 2002

“Sacramental Universe, Sacramental Commons ,” keynote presentation, “Justice Day 2002” workshop, Diocese of Knoxville, TN, Oct 19, 2002

“Community and Common Ground,” at the Earth Charter Community Summit , University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh , Sept 25, 2002

“The Earth Charter : A Declaration of Interdependence,” Helena Noetic Sciences Group, Helena , MT , Jul 10, 2002

“Sacred Commons: Common Good and Common Ground – Spirit, Ecology and

Community, the Shippey Lecture, Drew University , Madison , NJ , Apr 25, 2002

Earth Charter Ethics: A Hope for the Future,” Carroll College “Earth Day” commemoration, Helena , MT , Apr 22, 2002

“Common Good and Commons Good,” at the “Earth Charter Ethics Seminar,” Pocantico Conference Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Tarrytown , NY , April 5, 2002

“Salmon and Social Ethics: Relational Consciousness in the Web of Life,” Annual Meeting, Society of Christian Ethics, Vancouver , BC , Canada , Jan 11, 2002

“Building Just Communities: Bioregional Projects in Bioregional Contexts,” Keynote address at the Judge Memorial Catholic High School conference, “Building Just Communities,” Salt Lake City, UT, November 29, 2001

“Sacramental Universe, Sacramental Commons : Environmental Theology in a Bioregional Context,” Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Denver, CO, Nov 17, 2001

“Address on the Columbia River Pastoral Letter,” Montana Association of Churches Annual Assembly, Great Falls , MT , Oct 23, 2001

“A Prayer for Healing and Openness to the Spirit,” Opening Prayer, Faculty Assembly, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Oct 2, 2001

“Peace with Justice,” at “Just Action: A Non-violent Response,” Montana State Capitol, Sept 29, 2001

“Sacred Cosmos and Sacred Commons” at the “ Oxford Seminars in Science and Christianity,” Wycliffe College , University of Oxford , England , Aug 10, 2001

“Land as a Human Rights Issue,” at the conference “Know Your Rights,” Helena Human Rights Task Force, Helena, MT, Mar 31, 2001

“The Columbia River Watershed Pastoral Letter: Realities and Possibilities,” Keynote address at the conference “Sacred Places,” Christ the King Cathedral Center, Diocese of Lexington, KY, Mar 24, 2001

“The Columbia River Pastoral Letter Project,” presentation to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in Kathmandu , Nepal , for the “Sacred Gifts” award program of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), Nov 15, 2000

“Religion and Environment: The Columbia River Watershed Project” presentation at the workshop “Ebbing the Toxic Flow” in the joint session of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), Kathmandu, Nepal; Presider: Dr. Claude Martin, International Director General, World Wildlife Fund; Nov 14, 2000

“A Jubilee for a New Millennium–Justice for the Earth and for Peoples of the Land,” Keynote address at the 77 th Annual Meeting of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Bloomington, MN, Nov 10, 2000

“Sacred Cosmos” at the “ Oxford Seminars in Science and Christianity,” Wycliffe College , University of Oxford , England , Jul 30, 2000

“Science and Biblical Hermeneutics,” at the Templeton “ Oxford Seminars in Science and Christianity,” Wycliffe College , Oxford University , England , Jul 27, 2000

“Spirituality and Ecology” (on a panel with Larry Rasmussen, Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, NY; and Pliny Fisk III, CMPBS, Austin, TX) at the conference “A Green Millennium: Reweaving the Web of Life,” Carroll College, Helena, MT, Apr 1, 2000

“Perspectives on Priesthood” for the Borromeo Pre-Seminary Program, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Feb 22, 2000

“A Sacramental Commons–Tradition and Transformation in U.S. Catholic Environmental Ethics,” Plenary Session at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Crystal City, VA, Jan 7, 2000

“Caring for Creation–Finding Common Ground,” at the conference “Wild Places and the Human Spirit,” sponsored by the Sierra Club and MT State University-Billings, Oct 29, 1999

“Caring for Community in Creation” while “Theologian in Residence” at the conference “The Columbia River: Many People, Many Perspectives,” Richland Lutheran Church, Richland, WA, sponsored by the Lutheran Public Policy Office of Washington; the Washington State Council of Churches; and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, September 11, 1999

“Creationism and Evolution,” response to Ronald Numbers, Ph.D. (University of WI), Harris Manchester College Chapel, Oxford University, Oxford, England, August 12, 1999

“Education for Sustainability” and “Embodying a Common Ethic in Place” at the conference “Earth Ethics and the Environmental Movement,” World Council of Churches Ecumenical Institute, Château de Bossey, Celigny , Switzerland , April 26-30, 1999

“Linking the University, the Diocese and Local Issues: The Catholic Bishops' Developing Pastoral Letter on the Columbia River Watershed,” at the conference “Linking Environmental Studies, Theology and Science,” University of Portland , Portland , OR , May 15, 1999

“Caring for Creation: Seeing Sacred Ground,” University Congregational Church, Missoula , MT , October 25, 1998

“Caring for Creation: Sustaining Common Ground,” University Congregational Church, Missoula , MT , October 24, 1998

“Caring for Creation: Finding Common Ground,” University of Montana , October 23, 1998, keynote address at the conference “Caring for Creation: Finding Common Ground”

“Spirituality in Creation,” First Baptist Church , Helena , MT , March 26, 1998

“Spirituality in Creation,” Annual Meeting of the Montana Wilderness Association,

Helena , MT , Oct 1997

“Genesis, Genetics and Genocide: The Snake in the Garden Redux,” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Indigenous Religious Traditions Group, San Francisco , CA , November 22, 1997

“Spirituality in Creation,” sermon at St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT , broadcast live on KBLL radio station, July 20, 1997

“Spirituality and Sustainability” four-lecture workshop series, Kateri Northwest Ministry Institute, Great Falls, MT, April 19, 1997

“Francis and Phillip: Christian and Indigenous Spirituality in Creation,” at the conference “Spirituality and Sustainability,” Assisi , Italy , July 15, 1996

“Theft from the Poor,” at the conference “The Catechism of the Catholic Church : Theological and Philosophical Perspectives,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Apr 27, 1996

“Capitalism or Cooperativism?”, Carroll College , Helena , MT , April 27, 1996

“Technology and Social Responsibility,” at the conference “Cyberspace and Civil Society: Life on the Digital Frontier,” Wake Forest University , Winston-Salem NC , February 16, 1996

“Spirituality and Sustainability,” for the lecture series “Sustainable Development: A Social/Environmental Imperative,” U.S. National Forest Service/Helena National Forest, Myrna Loy Center , Helena , MT , Feb 1, 1996

Ethics and Technology: Innovation and Transformation in Community Contexts : Breakfast with an Author,” Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Albuquerque , NM , Jan 6, 1996

“Is Everyone Equal Before God?” Carroll College Theology Union, Helena , MT , April 6, 1995

“Transforming Technology: Creating a Sustainable Future,” at the “Fourth World Conference on Engineering Education,” Saint Paul , MN , October 17, 1995

“Scripture for Spiritual Growth,” Cursillo workshop, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church , East Helena , MT , Oct 8, 1995

“A Past and Future Land,” “Spirituality and Environment” and “Ethics, Environment and Sustainable Development” at the conference “Land/Ecology/Economy” sponsored by the North Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church, Lansing, MI, Jan 4-6, 1994

“Employment, Environment and Free Trade,” at the “Conference on the North American Free Trade Agreement,” Montana Tech of the University of Montana , Butte , MT , Nov 3, 1993

“Arms and Economics in the Age of Hiroshima : Which God Do We Serve?”, College of Great Falls , Great Falls , MT , Aug 7, 1993

“Spirit, Science and Nature,” Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Ashland , WI , Dec 8, 1992

“Spirit, Social Ethics and Nature,” Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Ashland , WI ,

Dec 2, 1992

“A Past and Future Land ,” St. Norbert College , DePere, WI, Dec 1, 1992

“Culture and Conservation: A Past and Future Land ,” at the conference “Culture, Cultivation and Conservation: Caring for the Environment in a Technological Age,” Northland College , Ashland , WI , Nov 5, 1992

“A Past and Future Land,” Annual Meeting, Northwest Wisconsin Association of the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ, Moon Beach, WI, Oct 5, 1992

“The Promise of Land: Religious Vision and the Western Landscape,” Ashton , ID , July 11, 1992

“Spirituality and Environment,” presentation to the Association of Ecologists of São Paulo, hosted by the State of Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Helena, MT, Oct 16, 1991

“The Catholic Social Century,” response to Bryan Hehir, SJ, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Oct 4, 1991

“The Spirituality of Wilderness,” Annual Convention, Montana Wilderness Association, Butte , MT , Sept 28, 1991

“Sacred Earth, Human Responsibility,” Annual Rendezvous, Montana Environmental Information Center , Sept 14, 1991

“Theology and Ecology,” Senior Biology Seminar, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Apr 15,


Rerum Novarum : Origins and Impact in the U.S. ,” at the conference “Business, Labor and Religion,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Apr 4, 1991

“Strangers and Guests on the Land,” St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT ,

Mar 6, 1991

“Is Capitalism Consistent With Catholic Theology and Family Farming?” at the Carroll Humanities Forum, Helena , MT , Feb 7, 1991

“Desert Storm: Considerations,” Open Forum, Carroll College , Helena , MT ,

Jan 30, 1991

“Oil and Iraqnophobia,” Vigil of Concern on the Gulf Crisis, Constitution Park , Helena , MT , Dec 3, 1990

“On Wings of Eagles,” Eagle panel discussion, Last Chance Audubon Society and the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce, Helena , MT , Dec 1, 1990

“The Wilderness as Sacred Place in the Bible,” St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT , Nov 11, 1990

“The Bill of Rights: The Second Amendment,” Montana Jefferson Meeting, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Mar 23, 1990

“Peoples of God,” address for “Religious Freedom Month,” Montana Pluralism Council, US West Corporation, Helena , MT , Dec 11, 1989

“Genesis: Seeds for a Theology of the Land,” St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT , Apr 20, 1989

“Hacia Un Jubileo Nuevo,” Seminar on “Theology of the Land,” Itatiaia , Brazil , sponsored by the World Council of Churches, Jan 25, 1989

“Central America Update,” St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT , Nov 17,


“Jubilee and New Jubilee,” University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Oct 31, 1988

“Jubilee and New Jubilee,” keynote address at the conference “The Land: Inhabiting It In Principle and Practice,” Annual Meeting of the Center for Reflection on the Second Law, Raleigh , NC , Oct 28, 1988

“Jubilee and New Jubilee,” at the conference “Partnership for the Public Good” sponsored by the Oblate Conference of the U.S., Belleville, IL, Apr 14,1988

“Revelation and Revolution?” at the conference “Prophecy and Politics,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Apr 9, 1988

“Central America Week and Holy Week: Reflections,” Homily at the Palm Sunday Mass, St. Charles Chapel, Carroll College, Helena, MT, Mar 27, 1988

“Economic Justice: An Introduction to the Bishops' Economic Pastoral,” Cathedral of St. Helena Family Program, Mar 13, 1988

“Reading the Scriptures with Understanding,” Workshop for Lectors, Cathedral of St. Helena, Helena , MT , Feb 2, 1988

“Spiritual Roots and the Rural Crisis,” lecture series for the “Rural Ministry Circuit Education Program” sponsored by the Catholic dioceses of Colorado, presented Jan 20-28, 1988, in Denver and Grand Junction, CO

“A Theology of the Land: The Meaning of the Jubilee,” and “A Past and Future Land,” keynote addresses at the Fifteenth Annual General Assembly of the Montana Association of Churches, Great Falls, MT, Oct 26, 1987

“The New Jubilee,” St. Benedict's College, St. Joseph , MN , Jun 6, 1987

“Jubilee and New Jubilee,” at the conference “Slippin' Away: The Loss of Black- Owned Farms,” Brescia College , Owensboro , KY , May 11, 1987

“Agriculture and Food Issues: The Bishops' Economic Pastoral and Montana Implications,” St. Helena Cathedral workshop, May 4, 1987

“Theology of the Land,” Big Sky Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Helena , MT , Mar 22, 1987

“Catholic Theology and Capitalist Economics: One View,” debate with Michael Novak, Ph.D., at the conference “Is There a Conspiracy Against Family Farmers?” Iowa State University , Ames , Iowa , Feb 27, 1987

“Issues at Big Mountain ,” St. Paul 's United Methodist Church , Helena , MT , Feb 1, 1987

“Medical Ethics: Practitioner Freedom and Patient Rights,” Annual Conference of the Montana Dietetic Association, Helena , MT , Jan 29, 1987

“Moral Values, Budget Concerns, and the Montana Constitution,” expert witness testimony on behalf of the Montana Catholic Conference and the Montana Legal Services Association, at the court trial of Butte Community Union vs. House Bill 33, County Courthouse, Helena, MT, Nov 14, 1986

“Theology of the Land,” at the “Global Food Crisis” conference, Ursuline Centre, Great Falls, MT, Nov 6-7, 1986

“Big Mountain,” Clergy and Laity Concerned meeting, First Presbyterian Church, Helena , MT , Sept 8, 1986

“Strangers and Guests: Land Stewardship,” Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church , Helena , MT , May 4, 1986

“Religion and Agribusiness: Values in Conflict?” at the conference “Economics, Religion and the Land,” College of Great Falls , MT , Apr 19, 1986

“Five Martyrs of El Salvador ,” for “Central America Week,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Mar 24, 1986

“The Church and the Farm Crisis,” at the “Farm Action - Montana ” conference, Helena , MT , Mar 8, 1986

“Transforming the Americas : Social Context, Social Vision and Social Project” at the “International Conference on Liberation Theology,” Simon Fraser University , Vancouver , B.C., Canada , Feb 7, 1986

“Breakfast with an Author” discussion of The Spirit of the Earth , annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, Jan 18, 1986

“Theology and the Land,” Holy Cross Church , Townsend , MT , Dec 12, 1985

“Thanksgiving for the Land,” homily at the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service, Townsend , MT , Nov 25, 1985

“Theology and Land Reform” at the “Brown Bag Luncheon Series,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Nov 21, 1985

“Land Reform in Nicaragua ,” at the “Breadloaf Discussion Series,” Carroll College , Helena , MT , Nov 7, 1985

“Crisis in Nicaragua ,” St. Margaret's Church, Chester , MT , Oct 21, 1985

“Issues in Medical Ethics,” Senior Biology Seminar, Carroll College , Helena , MT , Oct 14, 1985

“Theology and the Land,” Shelby, Cut Bank and Three Rivers , MT , Oct 6-8, 1985, pilgrimage with Bishop Elden Curtiss of Helena , MT

“Religion, Land Reform and the Future,” at the national “Theology of the Land” conference, Minneapolis , MN , Sept 17, 1985

“The Food Crisis and Human Values,” panel response to Frances Moore Lappé, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, May 4, 1985

“The Unfinished Agenda: Food and Agriculture,” at the “Workshop on the [Midwestern] Bishops' Pastoral,” with Thomas Shannon and Pheme Perkins, Manhattan College, New York, NY, Mar 21, 1985

“Sacred Earth and Human Values” at the symposium “Earth and Sacred Earth,” College of Great Falls , MT , Nov 30, 1984

“Walking in the Spiritual Way ,” keynote address at the International Indian Pow-Wow, Great Falls , MT , Nov 10, 1984

“Agriculturalists: Chemists or Caretakers?” at the “Chemical Agenda” conference, sponsored by the Institute of the Rockies, Shelby , MT , Sept 6, 1984

“A Question of Balance: Agriculture and Energy,” McCone Agricultural Protection Organization Annual Meeting, Circle, MT, Jun 9, 1984

“Principles of Land Stewardship” at the “Agriculture in Montana Schools” conference, Helena , MT , Mar 9, 1984

“The State, War and Values in 1984 : An Ethical Analysis” at the symposium “‘War Is Peace' in 1984 : Political Prophecy, Geopolitics and Human Values,” College of Great Falls , MT , Feb 25, 1984

“Appropriate Technology and Mother Earth,” Ninth International Indian Treaty Conference, Okemah , OK , Jun 17, 1983

“Strangers and Guests on a Trust of Land,” United Church of Christ “Rural America Conference,” Madison , WI , Jan 20, 1982

“The Kingdom Vision and the Stewardship of the Land” at the conference “Your Kingdom Come: Praying and Living the Kingdom,” Augustana College , Sioux Falls , SD , Jun 28, 1981

“The Church's Effect on the Family Farm,” at “Perspectives on the Family Farm,” Briarcliff College , Sioux City , IA , May 2, 1981

“Ethical Issues in Land Use Decisions” at the conference “Where Are Our Farmlands and Food Supplies Going?”, Eisenhower College, Seneca Falls, NY, Nov 15, 1980

Guest panelist at the “Fall Conference” of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia, Harrogate , TN , Oct 28, 1980

“Two Images of the Future” at the “ Hiroshima Commemoration,” McKennan Park , Sioux Falls , SD , Aug 10, 1980

“The ‘New Jubilee' -- A Call for Stewardship of the Land” at the “World Hunger Conference,” Dordt College , Sioux Center , IA , Jan 30, 1980

“A Journalist's View of Puebla” and “Revolution in the Church” at the “Conference on Puebla ,” Georgetown University , Washington , DC, Mar 12 and 14, 1979

“ Vietnam and the American Christian Conscience” at the “ Vietnam Moratorium,” Pan American University , Edinburg , TX , Apr 14, 1970


Montana Committee for the Humanities Presentations

Speakers Bureau Lectures

* Lecture : “Spirit and Nature: Caring for Creation and Community”

- Bozeman , MT , at the Northern Rockies Institute of Theology/ Montana Association of Churches workshop “Preaching and Teaching in a Natural Resource-Based State,” Apr 7, 2003

- Helena , MT , Nov 13, 2002, St. Peter's Episcopal Church

- Hamilton , MT , Ravalli County Museum Lecture Series, Nov 17, 2002

- Absarokee , MT , Mar 13, 2001, Absaroka Fine Arts association

- Bozeman , MT , Dec 13, 2000, Emerson Cultural Center , “Wilderness and....”

Series, sponsored by the SW Chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association, and the Montana Friends of Jung-Bozeman


* Lecture : “Traditions and Transitions: Creating a Sustainable Future”

-Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Polson , MT , June 27, 1999

- Chester , MT , Feb 28, 1999

- Old Trail Museum Annual Banquet, Choteau , MT , Feb 14, 1998

- Heritage Museum Lecture Series, Billings , MT , April 1997


* Lecture : “Church and State in Latin America ”

- Hamilton , MT , Dec 7, 1990: Ravalli Republic and Bitterroot Public Library

- Glasgow , MT , Nov 3, 1990: First United Methodist Church


* Lecture : “A Past and Future Land ”

- Helena , MT , Oct 7, 1989: Conference: “Sweet Grass and Shining Mountains: A Celebration of Native American Culture”

- Polson , MT , Sept 30, 1989: Western Montana Stockmen's Association Annual Meeting

-Big Fork, MT, May 12, 1989: Library Lecture Series

- Helena , MT , Apr 27, 1989: St. Paul 's United Methodist Church

- Hamilton , MT , Mar 1, 1989: Library Lecture Series

- Wolf Point , MT, Sept 26, 1988: MCH Regional Community Meeting

- Helena , MT , Mar 8, 1988: Helena Ministerial Alliance

- Hamilton , MT , Oct 3, 1987: Annual Meeting of the Alternative Energy Resources Organization

- Billings , MT , Sept 21, 1987: “Rural Ministry Workshop,” Montana Association of Churches' Agricultural Task Force


Academic Humanist Facilitator

Commentator/Discussion leader for the play, “Planting in the Dust” (on agricultural issues), co-sponsored by the Alternative Energy Resources Organization

- Arlee , MT , Dec 14, 1989: Arlee PTA

- Great Falls , MT , Oct 23, 1989: Montana Association of Churches Annual Assembly

- Rudyard , MT , Oct 20, 1989: Senior Citizens Center

- Eureka , MT, May 5, 1989: Annual Meeting of the Lincoln Conservation District

- Polson , MT , May 4, 1989: First United Methodist Church

- White Sulphur Springs , MT , Jan 18, 1989: Annual Meeting of the Meagher County Conservation District

- Glasgow , MT , Oct 21, 1988: Annual Meeting of the Montana Farmers Union

- Missoula , MT , Oct 16,1988: Christ the King Church

- Choteau , MT , Oct 9, 1988: Teton County Cowbelles

- Virgelle , MT , Oct 8, 1988: Annual Meeting of the Alternative Energy Resources Organization

- Chester , MT , Oct 1, 1988: Annual Meeting of the Liberty County Conservation District

-Plentywood, MT. Apr 23, 1988: Sheridan County Conservation District

- Conrad , MT , Mar 13, 1988: Conrad Library Association

-Helena, MT, Apr 4, 1988: “Young Farm Couples Conference” sponsored by the Department of Agriculture of the State of Montana, held at the Montana Governor's mansion reception hall


Media Productions


Executive Producer and Scriptwriter of the regionally televised 16mm documentary film, Strangers and Guests: Stewards of the Land (narrated by Edward Asner), 1981

Co-Producer and Scriptwriter of the 16mm documentary film, A Gift of Land , 1981

roducer, Scriptwriter and Photographer for the 1981 cassette/slide programs: “The Trust of Land”; “The Vanishing Farmer”; and “Mother Earth”