Who and Where We Are

The Wachowiak lab is part of the Department of Biology and the Deparment of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. The lab is also affiliated with the BU Program in Neuroscience (PIN), the Program in Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience (PMCN), and the Center for Memory and Brain, all of which make up a large neuroscience community at Boston University.

We are located in room 432 of the Life Sciences and Engineering Building, 24 Cummington St.


Current Members:

Matt Wachowiak
Primary Investigator

Nicolás Pírez
Neurobiology Graduate Student

Daniel Wesson
Neurobiology Graduate Student

John P. McGann
Post-Doctoral Research Associtate

Man Ching Cheung
Post-Doctoral Research Associtate

Ryan Carey
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student

Remus Osan (personal webpage)
Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics

Escapees (Alumni)

Justus Verhagen
Assistant Professor
J.B. Pierce Laboratory
290 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519

Collaborators (past and present)

Tom Bozza (Northwestern University)

Larry Cohen (Yale University)

Rainer Friedrich (Friedrich Miescher Institute)

Thomas Knopfel (RIKEN)

Nancy Kopell (Boston University)

Tay Netoff (Univ. of Minnesota)

Dima Rinberg (HHMI/JFRC)

James Schwob (Tufts/NEMC)

Kamal Sen (Boston University)

Michael Shipley (Univ. of Maryland)

Hartwig Spors (Max Planck, Heidelberg)

John White (Univ. of Utah)

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