RN 337 Gender and Judaism
Spring 2014

Writing Assignment 1

Write a five-page paper on the following topic:

Compare the work of Daniel Boyarin (Unheroic Conduct) and Judith Baskin (Midrashic Women) on gender and Rabbinic culture in terms of thesis, themes, source-material, interpretive strategies, and outcomes. Do you find that the two works complement each other? Challenge each other? You will need to summarize each before you begin your comparison.Think about which work you find most compelling and try to figure out why. The essay obviously reflects your own assessment of the material; embrace a confident analytical voice without writing in the first person.

Your paper will be judged on the care with which you construct your analysis, the quality of the writing (including grammar and spelling, effective style), and your mastery of the material. Use appropriate passages from the texts to support your analysis! You need to show me how you come to the conclusions you reach. You may use parenthetical citations or footnotes to cite your sources. I will post a rubric to the assignment page to help you in your planning and execution.

Papers should be double spaced, 12 point font, 1.25” margins left and right. They are due on the Learn assignment page before class on Tuesday, February 18. Late papers will lose four points for each day they are late.