RN 337 Gender and Judaism
Spring 2014
Final Paper

The final paper asks you to demonstrate what you have learned about gender and Judaism by focusing your attention on a contemporary phenomenon, movement, book, film, public figure etc. of your choice and writing an extended analysis of gender within that framework. Papers should be about 12-15 pages, double spaced with full margins. I prefer footnotes/endnotes to parenthetical citations but will accept either format, as long as it is done properly, according to Chicago or MLA style. Ask if you aren’t sure. Some topic suggestions follow below. Please come see me if you need help finding a direction. I prefer that your paper deal with a contemporary topic (historical context is, of course, reasonable to include), but I am willing to consider historical topics as well.

Deadline, extensions, and late papers

Final Papers are due on Sunday, May 4.

Papers that are late without an approved extension will lose 1/3
letter grade for each day they are late.

I f you need to contact me about your paper, you can e-mail me at dklepper@bu.edu

Topic Suggestions

Gender and God Language
Feminist Critique and New Theologies (Judith Plaskow)
Feminist Critique and New Liturgy (Marcia Falk)
Changing Expectations of Jewish Masculinity
Breaking Gender Binaries in Jewish Contexts
Gender and 21st-century Hasidism
New Gender-sensitive Orthodox Minyanim: Minyan Tehilla (Cambridge) and Kehillat Shirah Hadashah (Jerusalem)
The Red Tent Phenomenon
Jews and Gender in Graphic Novels
The Construction of Non-traditional Mikvehs and Ritual Innovation (Mayyim Hayyim in Newton, MA)
Gender and the Jewish Renewal Movement
Gender and Jews in Film (collective or individual; masculinity/femininity; Jews and Others)
Gender and Jews in Comedy (collective or individual; masculinity/femininity; Jews and Others)
“Feminization” of Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism