Response Papers

Students are required to post responses to the readings (one to two pages) on Blackboard (click Discussion Board button on left panel, then the date for which you are posting a response) five times over the course of the semester.These are not meant to be formal essays, but thoughtful reflections based on the material you've read. Do not feel you need to summarize all of the reading; rather, you should explore in depth (with specific reference to the text) one or two ideas, themes or issues raised by the readings. Feel free to incorporate the "I," but do more than express uncritical reaction. Response papers will be graded on mastery of the material, creative thought, and quality of writing. I expect fully proofread papers with correct spelling and grammar. The papers will count significantly toward your class participation grade. Responses should be posted by 10 PM the night before the class that the readings are due.


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